John Sinnott Irish-born Professional and College American Football Player 1976-1982

John Sinnott

Born: April 18, 1958 in Wexford, Ireland

Metrics: Height: 6-4 Weight: 279

High School: Dedham (MA)

College: Brown University Bears 1976-1979

Draft: 3rd Round (60th Overall) 1980 St. Louis Cardinals.

Professional: New York Giants (National Football League) 1980-1981 Baltimore Colts (National Football League) 1982

Position: Tackle.

Career Statistics (Professional): Games: 9; Season Average: 4; Games Started: 7

Biography: John Sinnott was born in Wexford, Ireland in 1958, and played High School Football in Denham, Massachusetts, where he was recruited for Brown University Bears of the Ivy League in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). His High School Football Coach told hm that he might get injured in his first few weeks playing Football, so he should not concentrate on just Football, as his College Academic Achievement was as important, something which is not all that common these days. [Reference: 2] While at Brown, he played in the most successful Brown University Football Team in 50 years, in 1976 emulating the Iron Men of 1926 in winning their first Ivy League Championship in half a century. [Reference: 8]

After College he was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals, where he was cut from the roster during training camp. John was subsequently picked up by the New York Giants, and after two years on the squad, he was traded to the Baltimore Colts. There he played in 9 games in 1982, before injuring his back, an injury which still bothers him to this day, and retired from Football. [Reference: 2; 3]



1976Brown University Bears (NCAA)
1977Brown University Bears (NCAA)
1978Brown University Bears (NCAA)
1979Brown University Bears (NCAA)
1980New York Giants (NFL)
1981New York Giants (NFL)
1982Baltimore Colts (NFL)79LOT97

[Reference: 3]

Legend: No = Jersey Number, Pos = Position, GP = Games Played, GS = Games Started. LOT = Left Offensive Tackle.


1982Baltimore Colts (NFL)0010100

[Reference: 3]

Legend: No = Number of Fumbles, Lost = Fumbles Lost, Own = Own Fumbles, Opp = Opposition Fumbles, Rec = Fumbles Recovered, Yds = Yards, TD = Fumbles Returned for a Touchdown.

Brown University Bears Football Team Photo 1976 [Reference: 9][Photo Credit: Brown University Athletics]


Ivy League 1976CWCLCTPctOWOLOTPct
Brown Bears (CC)610.857810.889
Yale Bulldogs610.857810.889
Dartmouth Big Green430.571630.667
Harvard Crimson430.571630.667
Columbia Lions250.286360.333
Pennsylvania Quakers250.286360.333
Cornell Big Red250.286270.222
Princeton Tigers250.286270.222

[Reference: 4]

Legend: CW = Conference wins, CL = Conference Losses, CT = Conference Ties, Pct = Winning Percentage, OW = Overall Wins, OL = Overall Losses, OT = Overall Ties.


Ivy League 1977CWCLCTPctOWOLOTPct
Yale Bulldogs (CC)610.857720.778
Brown Bears520.714720.778
Dartmouth Big Green430.571630.667
Pennsylvania Quakers430.571540.556
Harvard Crimson430.571450.445
Princeton Tigers340.429360.333
Columbia Lions160.143270.222
Cornell Big Red160.143180.111

[Reference: 5]

Legend: CW = Conference wins, CL = Conference Losses, CT = Conference Ties, Pct = Winning Percentage, OW = Overall Wins, OL = Overall Losses, OT = Overall Ties.


Ivy League 1978CWCLCTPctOWOLOTPct
Dartmouth Big Green (CC)610.857630.667
Brown Bears520.714630.667
Yale Bulldogs412.714522.667
Cornell Big Red331.500531.611
Harvard Crimson241.357441.500
Columbia Lions241.357351.389
Princeton Tigers241.357252.333
Pennsylvania Quakers151.214261.278

[Reference: 6]

Legend: CW = Conference wins, CL = Conference Losses, CT = Conference Ties, Pct = Winning Percentage, OW = Overall Wins, OL = Overall Losses, OT = Overall Ties.


Ivy League 1979CWCLCTPctOWOLOTPct
Yale Bulldogs (CC)610.857810.889
Brown Bears520.714630.667
Princeton Tigers520.714540.556
Cornell Big Red430.571540.556
Dartmouth Big Green430.571441.500
Harvard Crimson340.429360.333
Columbia Lions160.143180.111
Pennsylvania Quakers070.000090.000

[Reference: 7]

Legend: CW = Conference wins, CL = Conference Losses, CT = Conference Ties, Pct = Winning Percentage, OW = Overall Wins, OL = Overall Losses, OT = Overall Ties.

NFL 1980

AFC East
Buffalo Bills (D)161150320260.688
New England Patriots161060441325.625
Miami Dolphins16880266305.500
Baltimore Colts16790355387.438
New York Jets164120302395.250
AFC Central
Cleveland Browns (D)161150357310.688
Houston Oilers (P)161150295251.688
Pittsburgh Steelers16970352313.438
Cincinnati Bengals166100244312.375
AFC West
San Diego Chargers (D)161150418327.688
Oakland Raiders (P)161150364306.688
Kansas City Chiefs16880319336.500
Denver Broncos16880310323.500
Seattle Seahawks164120291408.250
NFC East
Philadelphia Eagles (D)161240384222.750
Dallas Cowboys (P)161240454311.750
Washington Redskins166100261293.375
St. Louis Cardinals165110299350.313
New York Giants164120249425.250
NFC Central
Minnesota Vikings (D)16970317308.563
Detroit Lions16970334272.563
Chicago Bears16790304264.438
Tampa Bay Buccaneers165101271341.344
Green Bay Packers165101231371.344
NFC West
Atlanta Falcons (D)161240405272.750
Los Angeles Rams (P)161150424289.688
San Francisco 49ers166100320415.375
New Orleans Saints161150291487.063

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DateHome TeamAway Team
AFC First Round Playoff
1980Oakland Raiders27Houston Oilers7
AFC Divisional Playoffs
1980San Diego Chargers20Buffalo Bills14
1980Cleveland Browns12Oakland Raiders14
AFC Championship
1980San Diego Chargers27Oakland Raiders34
NFC First Round Playoffs
1980Dallas Cowboys34Los Angeles Rams13
NFC Divisional Playoffs
1980Philadelphia Eagles31Minnesota Vikings16
1980Atlanta Falcons27Dallas Cowboys30
NFC Championship
1980Philadelphia Eagles20Dallas Cowboys7
Super Bowl XVAt SuperDome, New Orleans
1980Oakland Raiders (AFC)27Philadelphia Eagles (NFC)10

[Reference: 1]

NFL 1981

AFC East
Miami Dolphins (D)161141345275.719
New York Jets (P)161051355287.656
Buffalo Bills (P)161060311276.688
Baltimore Colts162140259533.188
New England Patriots162140322370.188
AFC Central
Cincinnati Bengals (D)161240421304.750
Pittsburgh Steelers16880356297.500
Houston Oilers16790281355.438
Cleveland Browns165110276375.313
AFC West
San Diego Chargers (D)161060478390.625
Denver Broncos161060321289.625
Kansas City Chiefs16970343290.563
Oakland Raiders16790273343.438
Seattle Seahawks166100322388.375
NFC East
Dallas Cowboys (D)161240367277.625
Philadelphia Eagles (P)161060368221.625
New York Giants (P)16970295257.563
Washington Redskins16880347349.500
St. Louis Cardinals16790315408.438
NFC Central
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (D)16970315268.563
Detroit Lions16880397322.500
Green Bay Packers16880324361.500
Minnesota Vikings16790325369.438
Chicago Bears166100253324.375
NFC West
San Francisco 49ers161330357250.813
Atlanta Falcons16790426356.438
Los Angeles Rams166100303351.375
New Orleans Saints164120207378.250

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DateHome TeamAway Team
AFC First Round Playoff
181New York Jets27Buffalo Bills31
AFC Divisional Playoffs
1981Miami Dolphins38San Diego Chargers41 ot
1981Cincinnati Bengals28Buffalo Bills21
AFC Championship
1981Cincinnati Bengals27San Diego Chargers7
NFC First Round Playoffs
1981Philadelphia Eagles21New York Giants27
NFC Divisional Playoffs
1981Dallas Cowboys38Tampa Bay Buccaneers0
1981San Francisco 49ers38New York Giants24
NFC Championship
1981San Francisco 49ers28Dallas Cowboys27
Super Bowl XVIAt Silverdome, Pontiac, Mich.
1981San Francisco 49ers (NFC)26Cincinnati Bengals (AFC)21

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NFL 1982

Los Angeles Raiders (P)9810260200.889
Miami Dolphins (P)9720198131.778
Cincinnati Bengals (P)9720232172.778
Pittsburgh Steelers (P)9630204146.667
San Diego Chargers (P)9630288221.667
New York Jets (P)9630245166.667
New England Patriots (P)9540143157.556
Cleveland Browns (P)9450140182.444
Buffalo Bills9450150154.444
Seattle Seahawks9450127147.444
Kansas City Chiefs9360178184.333
Denver Broncos9270148226.222
Houston Oilers9180136245.111
Baltimore Colts9081113236.056
Washington Redskins (P)9810190128.889
Dallas Cowboys (P)9630226145.667
Green Bay Packers (P)9531226169.611
Minnesota Vikings (P)9540187198.556
Atlanta Falcons (P)9540183199.556
St. Louis Cardinals (P)9540135170.556
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (P)9540158178.556
Detroit Lions (P)9450181176.444
New Orleans Saints9450129180.444
New York Giants9450164160.444
San Francisco 49ers9360209208.333
Chicago Bears9360141174.333
Philadelphia Eagles9360191195.333
Los Angeles Rams9270200250.222

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DateHome TeamAway Team
AFC First Round Playoff
1982Miami Dolphins28New England Patriots13
1982Los Angeles Raiders27Cleveland Browns10
1982Cincinnati Bengals10Los Angeles Raiders27
1982Pittsburgh Steelers28San Diego Chargers31
AFC Divisional Playoffs
1982Los Angeles Raiders14New York Jets17
1982Miami Dolphins34San Diego Chargers13
AFC Championship
1982Miami Dolphins14New York Jets0
NFC First Round Playoffs
1982Washington Redskins31Detroit Lions7
1982Green Bay Packers41St. Louis Cardinals16
1982Minnesota Vikings30Atlanta Falcons24
1982Dallas Cowboys30Tampa Bay Buccaneers17
NFC Divisional Playoffs
1982Washington Redskins21Minnesota Vikings7
1982Dallas Cowboys37Green Bay Packers26
NFC Championship
1982Washington Redskins31Dallas Cowboys17
Super Bowl XVIIAt Rose Bowl, Pasadena, Ca.
1982Washington Redskins (NFC)27Miami Dolphins (AFC)17

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