Junior Gridiron League Youth League 1997


Northern Conference
Doncaster Wildcats (C)55001.000
Humberside Rockets (Q)4220.500
Steel City Warriors (P)4130.250
Birmingham Raiders3030.000
Eastern Conference
Peterborough Centurions (C)5410.800
UCLA Renegades (Q)55001.000
Fen Harriers (P)3120.333
Ipswich Cardinals5050.000
South East Conference
Brighton B-52s (C)5410.800
Worthing Guardians (Q)5320.600
Edenbridge Knights (P)4130.250
South West Conference
Bristol Aztecs (C)6510.833
Plymouth Commodores4130.250
Bournemouth Renegades4040.000
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Plate Playoffs

DateHome TeamAway Team
Plate Semi-Finals
19.07.1997Fen Harriers44Steel City Warriors12
Plate Final
19.07.1997Edenbridge Knights36Fen Harriers46
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Bowl Playoffs

DateHome TeamAway Team
12.07.1997Peterborough Centurions17Humberside Rockets12
12.07.1997Doncaster Wildcats12UCLA Renegades2
12.07.1997Bristol Aztecs22Worthing Guardians34
19.07.1997Brighton B-52s24Worthing Guardians20
19.07.1997Doncaster Wildcats42Peterborough Centurions0
National Youth ChampionshipJGL Final X
02.08.1997Doncaster Wildcats20Brighton B-52s36
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Regular Season Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
10.05.1997Ipswich Cardinals0Peterborough Centurions38
10.05.1997Humberside Rockets74Steel City Warriors6
10.05.1997Birmingham Raiders0Doncaster Wildcats80
10.05.1997Bristol Aztecs34Bournemouth Renegades0
10.05.1997Edenbridge Knights6Brighton B-52s8
Week 2
17.05.1997Steel City Warriors124Birmingham Raiders0
Week 3
Week 4
31.05.1997Ipswich Cardinals0UCLA Renegades42
31.05.1997Humberside Rockets12Doncaster Wildcats24
31.05.1997Plymouth Commodores6Worthing Guardians22
Week 5
07.06.1997Brighton B-52s40Worthing Guardians12
07.06.1997Humberside Rockets138Birmingham Raiders6
07.06.1997Doncaster Wildcats52Steel City Warriors6
07.06.1997Peterborough Centurions14UCLA Renegades18
07.06.1997Plymouth Commodores12Bristol Aztecs28
Week 6
Week 7
21.06.1997Bournemouth Renegades8Bristol Aztecs30
21.06.1997Edenbridge Knights28Worthing Guardians40
21.06.1997UCLA Renegades66Ipswich Cardinals0
21.06.1997Fen Harriers6Peterborough Centurions22
21.06.1997Doncaster Wildcats44Humberside Rockets26
Week 8
28.07.1997Ipswich Cardinals0Fen Harriers56
28.07.1997Steel City Warriors0Doncaster Wildcats44
28.07.1997Worthing Guardians10Brighton B-52s36
28.07.1997Bristol Aztecs12Edenbridge Knights16
28.07.1997UCLA Renegades6Peterborough Centurions26
28.07.1997Plymouth Commodores42Bournemouth Renegades6
Week 9
05.07.1997Brighton B-52s42Edenbridge Knights20
05.07.1997Fen Harriers8UCLA Renegades12
05.07.1997Peterborough Centurions52Ipswich Cardinals0
05.07.1997Bournemouth Renegades6Worthing Guardians60
05.07.1997Bristol Aztecs28Plymouth Commodores14
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The 10th National Youth Championship Final in the Junior Gridiron League in Britain was won by Brighton B-52s after favourites Doncaster Wildcats were involved in a near crash on the motorway when one of the tyres on their team coach blew on the way to the game, which may have impinged on their performance. The Wildcats had gone through the season undefeated prior to this, winning the Northern Conference from Humberside Rockets and then defeating Eastern Conference runners-up UCLA Renegades from Boston in Lincolnshire in the Playoffs and Peterborough Centurions the Eastern Conference Champions in the Semi-Finals. In the Southern half of the draw Brighton B-52s knocked out near neighbours Worthing Guardians 24-20 with a last minute touchdown in the Semi-Finals. The Guardians had eliminated South West Conference Champions Bristol Aztecs in the First Round Playoffs. Bristol Aztecs had been the only team all season to defeat South East Conference Champions and eventual National Youth Champions Brighton B-52s. The League was Flag Football (non-contact American Football).

Map of Brighton (Home of Champions Brighton B-52s)


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