Junior Ontario Rugby Football Union (Canadian Football) 1902-1906

JORFU 1902

Section A
*Petrolea Jrs2200500
Sarnia Jrs2020050
Section B
*London Rugby Club II220000
Ingersoll Jrs #202000
Section C
*Galt Jrs21101211
Guelph Ontario Agriculture College21101112
Section D
*Hamilton Jr Tigers III431010319
*West End Pleasure Club43104918
Dundas Jrs40400115
Section E
*Toronto Victoria II4400971
University of Toronto Varsity III42201933
Kendon Rugby Club4040971
Section F
*Wellesley Rugby Club43102810
Toronto Argonauts II42201313
St. Michaels College Saints4130422
Section G
*Royal Military College II2200226
Desronto Jrs2020622
Section H
*Kingston Limestones2200395
Kingston Ramblers2020529
Junior Ontario Rugby Football Union Standings 1902 [Ref: 2]
Section Playoff
1902Hamilton Tigers II12West End Pleasure Club1
1902Petrolea Jrs13London Rugby Club II5
1902London Rugby Club IIscrPetrolea Jrsw/o
(Petrolea Jrs won series)
1902Galt Jrs15Petrloea Jrs4
1902Kingston Limestone38Royal Military College II0
1902Royal Military College IIscrKingston Limestonew/o
(Kingston Limestone won series)
1902Wellesley Rugby Club17Toronto Victorias II7
Playoff Finals
1902 +Hamilton Jr Tigers III15Galt Jrs13
1902Hamilton Jr Tigers III20Galt Jrs12
1902Kingston Limestone26Wellesley Rugby Club1
29.11.1902Hamilton Jr Tigers III2Kingston Limestones1 ot
Junior Ontario Rugby Football Union Playoffs 1902 [Ref: 2]

JORFU 1903

Section A
*Kingston Limestones65104522
Brockville Jrs53206460
Gananoque Jrs62404683
Royal Military College514053101
Section B
*Harbord Collegiate Institute5410297
Jameson Collegiate Institute5140729
Section C
*Toronto Argonauts II2101267
University of Toronto Varsity II2011726
Section D
*Wellesley II22002016
Toronto Victorias II20201620
Section E
*Hamilton Tigers II2200516
West End Pleasure Club2020651
Section F
*Guelph OAC22004122
Galt Jrs20202241
Section G
*Dundas Jrs4400586
Brantford Jrs42204860
Woodstock College4040442
Section H
*Parkhill Rugby Club321059
Stratford Jrs312095
Section I
*Sarnia Jrs43103440
Petrolea Jrs42202725
Ingersolt Jrs41302925
Junior Ontario Rugby Football Union Standings 1903 [Ref: 2]
1903Toronto Argonauts II13Wellesley II10
1903Dundas IIw/oParkhill Rugby Clubscr
1903Hamilton Tigers II37Guelph OAC16
1903Hamilton Tigers II22Guelph OAC22
(Hamilton Tigers II won series 59-38)
1903Dundas II13Hamilton Tigers II11
1903Dundas II27Hamilton Tigers II11
(Dundas II won series 40-24)
Playoff Finals
1903Toronto Argonauts II16Dundas II13
1903Kingston Limestones9Toronto Argonauts II6
05.12.1903Kingston Limestones36Sarnia Jrs4
Junior Ontario Rugby Football Union Playoffs 1903 [Ref: 2]

JORFU 1904

Section A
*Kingston Limestones651011957
Brockville II642016678
St. Andrew College (Gananoque) Jrs523058112
Royal Military College II505035131
Section B
*Central YMCA33005932
Toronto Victorias II32104948
Toronto Argonauts II31203322
University of Toronto Varsity III30301150
Section C
*Dundas II53118545
Hamilton Tigers II53206732
Ontario Agriculture College52214545
Brantford Jrs5140984
Section D
*London Kickers II64205341
*Petrolea Jrs II64203724
Sarnia Jrs63303656
Stratford Jrs61501416
Junior Ontario Rugby Football Union Standings 1904 [Ref: 2]
Section Playoff
1904London Kickers Jrs8Petrolea Jrs II6
Playoff Finals
1904Dundas II20Toronto Central YMCA6
1904Dundas II21London Jrs2
26.11.1904Dundas II11Kingston Limestones8
Junior Ontario Rugby Football Union Playoffs 1904 [Ref: 2]

JORFU 1905

District 1
*Petrolea Jrs43104824
London Rugby Club II42204323
Sarnia Jrs41301743
District 2 Series 1
+Stratford Jrs2200413
Parkhill Jrs2020341
District 2 Series 2
*Stratford Jrs2200690
Clinton Rugby Club2020069
District 3
*Galt Jrs22005727
Woodstock College20202757
District 4
*Trinity Rugby Club53206913
*Toronto Argonauts III53204130
University of Toronto Varsity III53201137
McMaster University II50502246
District 5
*Toronto Victorias II5500465
Toronto Parkdale AAA4040837
Toronto Nationals #31201215
District 6
*St. Andrews (Gananoque) Jrs43105915
Royal Military College II42201754
Kingston Limetones41302330
Junior Ontario Rugby Football Union Standings 1905 [Ref: 2]
1905Galt Jr40Stratford Jrs0
1905Galt Jr5Stratford Jr1
(Galt Jr won series 45-1)
1905Petrolea Jrs II13London Jrs0
1905London Jrs7Sarnia Jrs7
1905London Jrsw/oSrania Jrsscr
(London Jrs won series by default)
1905Toronto Victorias II20Trinity Rugby Club13
Playoff Finals
1905Toronto Victorias II8St. Andrews (Gananoque) Jrs1
1905Galt Jr4Petrolea Jrs II2
25.11.1905Toronto Victorias II3Galt Jrs2
Junior Ontario Rugby Football Union Playoffs 1905 [Ref: 2]

JORFU 1906

Group 1
*Petrolea Jrs4310317
Parkhill Jrs4130731
Sarnia Jrs211000
Group 2
*Galt Jrs4400202
Stratford Jrs2020220
Clinton Jrs #202000
Group 3
*Hamilton Rough Riders43103213
Hamilton Tigers III43101714
West End Pleasure Club4040426
Group 4
*Hamilton YMCA4400636
St. Catherines Jrs4040663
Group 5
*Toronto Tammany Tigers65109430
Toronto Victoria III64207044
Toronto Argonauts III6240956
Canada Life Assurance Company6150834
Group 6
*St. Michael College Saints44003727
Parkdale Canoe Club III42203927
Toronto Granites Rugby Club4040647
Group 7
*Oshawa Jrs000000
Port Hope High School #000000
Group 8
*Kingston Limestones65104755
Gananoque Jrs64202225
Brockville Jrs63304534
Royal Military College III6060037
Junior Ontario Rugby Football Union Standings 1906 [Ref: 2]
District Playdowns
1906Hamilton YMCA10Petrolea Jrs0
1906Galt Jrs20Hamilton Rough Riders4
1906St. Michael’s College43Oshawa Jrs0
1906Toronto Tammany Tigers19St. Michaels College1
District Playoff Finals
1906Hamilton YMCA8Galt Jrs6
1906Toronto Tammany Tigers13Kingston Limestones II1
1906Toronto Tammany Tigers12Hamilton YMCA9
Junior Ontario Rugby Football Union Playoffs 1906 [Ref: 2]


The Junior Ontario Rugby Football Union (Canadian Football) featured a marathon Championship series for the time, with up to 24 teams divided into 8 groups or districts, followed by a series of playdowns or playoffs before the Championship Final, which was won by Hamilton Jr Tigers III in 1902, Kingston Limestones in 1903, Dundas II in 1904, Toronto Victorias II in 1905, and Toronto Tammany Tigers in 1906.

The Canadian Junior Football League has been running Amateur Province-based Championships for players aged 18-23 since 1887, under various names (Canadian Rugby Union, Canadian Junior Football League). In Canada Gridiron Football was known as Rugby until the Canadian Football League split away from the Canadian Rugby Union in 1958 to form its own Professional League and adopt more American Football Rules. The sport has been known as Canadian Football since. (For more on Canadian Football history see: Canadian Football Leagues



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