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JAFA Japan X-League X1 Super Division A 2022

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Rice Bowl Tournament and Relegation

JAFA Japan X-League X1 Super Playoffs 2022

Note: For Rice Bowl Box-Score and Scorers please click on the game in Question (Fujitsu Frontiers 29 Panasonic Impulse 21)


JAFA Japan X-League X1 Super 2022

Match Day Match Day 1
(Match Day 1)
17 - 10

Elecom Kobe Finies vs Asahi Soft Drinks Challengers

(Match Day 1)
49 - 0

Fujitsu Frontiers vs Tokyo Gas Creators

(Match Day 1)
35 - 10

IBM Big Blue vs Tainai Deers

(Match Day 1)
14 - 24

All-Mitsubishi Lions vs Asahi Beer Silver Star

(Match Day 1)
30 - 10

Panasonic Impulse vs Nojima Sagamihara Rise

(Match Day 1)
10 - 42

Otonari Fukuoka Suns vs Obic Seagulls

Match Day Match Day 2
(Match Day 2)
49 - 35

IBM Big Blue vs All-Mitsubishi Lions

(Match Day 2)
69 - 21

Fujitsu Frontiers vs Otonari Fukuoka Suns

(Match Day 2)
55 - 7

Panasonic Impulse vs Tainai Deers

(Match Day 2)
31 - 21

Nojima Sagamihara Rise vs Asahi Beer Silver Star

(Match Day 2)
17 - 19

Tokyo Gas Creators vs Asahi Soft Drinks Challengers

(Match Day 2)
14 - 14

Obic Seagulls vs Elecom Kobe Finies

Match Day Match Day 3
(Match Day 3)
17 - 10

Obic Seagulls vs Tokyo Gas Creators

(Match Day 3)
31 - 7

Elecom Kobe Finies vs Otonari Fukuoka Suns

(Match Day 3)
68 - 0

Panasonic Impulse vs Asahi Beer Silver Star

(Match Day 3)
7 - 40

Asahi Soft Drinks Challengers vs Fujitsu Frontiers

(Match Day 3)
27 - 24

IBM Big Blue vs Nojima Sagamihara Rise

(Match Day 3)
26 - 28

All-Mitsubishi Lions vs Tainai Deers

Match Day Matchday 4
(Matchday 4)
7 - 38

Elecom Kobe Finies vs Fujitsu Frontiers

(Matchday 4)
73 - 0

Panasonic Impulse vs All-Mitsubishi Lions

(Matchday 4)
21 - 6

Nojima Sagamihara Rise vs Tainai Deers

(Matchday 4)
28 - 21

IBM Big Blue vs Asahi Beer Silver Star

(Matchday 4)
17 - 35

Asahi Soft Drinks Challengers vs Obic Seagulls

(Matchday 4)
9 - 13

Otonari Fukuoka Suns vs Tokyo Gas Creators

Match Day Matchday 5
(Matchday 5)
42 - 3

Nojima Sagamihara Rise vs All-Mitsubishi Lions

(Matchday 5)
45 - 14

Panasonic Impulse vs IBM Big Blue

(Matchday 5)
17 - 19

Tokyo Gas Creators vs Elecom Kobe Finies

(Matchday 5)
21 - 18

Fujitsu Frontiers vs Obic Seagulls

(Matchday 5)
10 - 7

Asahi Beer Silver Star vs Tainai Deers

(Matchday 5)
22 - 52

Otonari Fukuoka Suns vs Asahi Soft Drinks Challengers

Matchday Reports

Matchday 1 (10-11 September 2022)

In Matchday 1 of the 2022 Japan X-League X1 Super Division A there were wins for IBM Big Blue (35-10 versus newly promoted Tainai Deers), 2021’s Rice Bowl runners-up Panasonic Impulse (30-10 versus Nojima Sagamihara Rise) and newly promoted Asahi Beer Silver Star (24-14 at All-Mitsubishi Lions).

In Division B the victorious teams were defending Rice Bowl Champions Fujitsu Frontiers (49-0 versus Tokyo Gas Creators), Elecom Kobe Finies (17-10 versus newly promoted Asahi Soft Drinks Challengers) and Obic Seagulls (42-10 at Otonari Fukuoka Suns). [References: 1-2]

Matchday 2 (24-25 September 2022)

Matchday 2 wins for Panasonic Impulse (55-7 versus Tainai Deers) and IBM Big Blue (49-35 versus All Mitsubishi Lions) put them both on 2-0 and in command of Division A. Nojima Sagamihara Rise and Asahi Beer Silver Star were both on 1-1 just behind the two front-runners after Nojima Sagamihara defeated the Silver Star 31-21. Deers and Lions were both 0-2.

Division B was now a clear path for defending champions Fujitsu Frontiers after their 69-21 defeat of newly-promoted Otonari Fukuoka Suns who remain on 0-2 along with Tokyo Gas Creators who lost 17-19 to the other newly-promoted team in Division B Asahi Soft Drinks Challengers. Second place was held jointly by Obic Seagulls and Elecom Kobe Finies, both on 1-0-1 after a 14-14 tie at Akitsu Soccer Field. [References: 1-2]

Matchday 3 (8-10 October 2022)

Panasonic Impulse (68-0 victors over Asahi Beer Silver Star) and IBM Big Blue (27-24 winners versus Nojima Sagamihara Rise) continued to set the pace on 3-0 in Division A. Tainai Deers joined Silver Stars and Rise on 1-2 as the newly promoted team defeated All-Mitsubishi Lions 28-26 to register their first win in the topflight.

Division B was a three horse race by the end of Matchday 3, as Fujitsu Frontiers (3-0) defeated Asahi Soft Drinks Challengers 40-7 in a double bill at Kobe Oji Stadium that also featured the other Rice Bowl contestant from 2021 versus Asahi Soft Drinks brother Asahi Beer. Obic Seagulls and Elecom Kobe Finies were just half a game behind Fujitsu with wins over Tokyo Gas Creators (17-10) and Otonari Fukuoka Suns (31-7) respectively. [References: 1-2]

Matchday 4 (22-23 October 2022)

Panasonic Impulse and IBM Big Blue kept their 100% record through Matchday 4 as the Impulse won handsomely against All Mitsubishi Lions 73-0 and IBM Big Blue struggled to win 28-21 versus Asahi Beer Silver Star. The Division A Championship would now come down to the final game of the regular season between both teams. In the other match in Division A Nojima Sagamihara Rise improved to 2-2 with a 21-6 win over Tainai Deers in Kawasaki.

Fujitsu (4-0) defeated Elecom Kobe Finies (2-1-1) 38-7 in a top-of-the-table clash in Division B to put one hand on the Division B Trophy with just one Matchday to go. The Frontiers, however, would be meeting Obic Seagulls in the last Matchday after the Seagulls improved to 3-0-1 with a 35-17 victory over Asahi Soft Drinks Challengers at the Expo ’70 Commemorative Stadium in Osaka. The final match of Matchday 4 was a 13-9 victory for Tokyo Gas Creators over Otonari Fukuoka Suns in a battle of two winless teams. [References: 1-2; 6]

Matchday 5 (5-6 November 2022)

In Division A Nojima Sagamihara Rise improved to 3-2 with a 42-3 victory over All-Mitsubishi Lions (0-5) while Asahi Beer Silver Star (2-3) bested Tainai Deers (1-4) 10-7 in a low-scoring encounter. The big game in Division A saw two teams with perfect records match-up in Kobe Oji Stadium, with Panasonic Impulse winning easier than expected given their records, defeating IBM Big Blue 45-14.

Division B saw Asahi Soft Drinks Challengers improve to 2-3 with a 52-22 defeat of Otonari Fukuoka Suns (0-5) while Elecom Kobe Finies improved to 3-1-1 with a 19-17 victory at Tokyo Gas Creators (1-5). Division B’s big match-up was between 2021’s Rice Bowl Champions Fujitsu Frontiers and Obic Seagulls with Frontiers (5-0) prevailing 21-18 in a close encounter over the Seagulls (3-1-1). [References: 1-2; 7]

Playoffs Preview (19-20 November 2022)

The Top four teams in each Division reach the Playoffs with Cross-Division Match-Ups in Round 1 (Quarter-Finals). Last years Rice Bowl winners Fujitsu Frontiers (5-0) host Asahi Beer Silver Star (2-3) in a match the Frontiers should easily win. 2021’s Rice Bowl runners-up and 2022 Division A Champions Panasonic Impulse (5-0) likewise should have little trouble defeating Asahi Soft Drinks Challengers (2-3). The other two quarter-finals are harder to judge with IBM Big Blue (4-1) coming up against Elecom Kobe Finies (3-1-1) and Obic Seagulls (3-1-1) hosting Nojima Sagamihara Rise (3-2) in Yokohama Stadium. [References: 1-2; 8]

The relegation match-ups pit Tokyo Gas Creators (1-4) against All Mitsubishi Lions (0-5) and Tainai Deers (1-4) against Otonari Fukuoka Suns (0-5). [References: 8]

Playoffs Round 1 (19-20 November 2022)

In the Relegation Round 1 Playoffs Tokyo Gas Creators (2-4 all games) defeated All Mitsubishi Lions 13-7 (0-6) and Tainai Deers (2-4) won 41-30 versus Otonari Fukuoka Suns (0-6) in a far higher-scoring contest at Yokohama Stadium as part of a double-header.

The third match on Saturday 19 November 2022 saw Panasonic Impulse (6-0) struggle to beat Asahi Soft Drinks Challengers (2-4) 38-28 in the Rice Bowl Playoffs Round 1 at Yodoko Sakura Stadium. The following day at Yokohama Stadium in a triple-header Elecom Kobe Finies (4-1-1) provided a minor shock in defeating IBM Big Blue (4-2) 35-25, defending Champions Fujitsu Frontiers (6-0) defeated Asahi Beer Silver Star (2-4) 53-3 in a blow-out and Obic Seagulls (4-1-1) triumphed 21-9 versus Nojima Sagamihara Rise (3-3). [References: 8]

Playoff Semi-Finals (11-12 December 2022)

Panasonic Impulse and Fujitsu Frontiers set up a rematch of the 2021 Rice Bowl after defeating Obic Seagulls 30-10 and Elecom Kobe Finies 39-21 respectively in the Semi-Finals. For Fujitsu it shall be a chance to repeat while Panasonic shall be looking for revenge after defeat in Rice Bowl 2021. [References: 9]

Rice Bowl 76 (3 January 2023)

Despite falling behind 14-0 early on thanks to two Mitchell Victor Jamano Touchdown runs for Panasonic Impulse, Fujitsu Frontiers captured their second Rice Bowl in a row thanks to three Touchdown runs by their own Trashawn Nixon, the first one pulling them to within four points at the half, the second bringing the Frontiers back into the game after Panasonic’s Quarterback Jaylon Henderson found Watanabe Jamal for a 10-yard Touchdown Pass and then Nixon’s third Rushing TD, which earned him the MVP (Most Valuable Player) Award and put Fujitsu 29-21 up following the Frontiers go-ahead Passing TD from QB Tsubasa Takagi to Kyohei Kokaji which put Fujitsu 22-21 up. Frontiers still had to defend for the Final 3 minutes 14 seconds of the match, and despite good 25 yard drive by Panasonic it was ended with Fujitsu’s Defensive Back Takutoshi Takaoka taking his second Interception of the day. Final Score: Fujitsu Frontiers 29 Panasonic Impulse 21 [References: 10] Note: For Rice Bowl Box-Score and Scorers please click on the game in Question (Fujitsu Frontiers 29 Panasonic Impulse 21) in the Rice Bowl Tournament Scoreboard Above.

About Japan X-League X1 Super 2022

The Japan X-League X1 Super is the top Division of American Football in Japan playing for the Rice Bowl, Japan’s equivalent of the Super Bowl. The Rice Bowl is in its’ 76th season this year, starting out as a University All-Star game between East and West in 1947. After 24 wins for Kanto and 12 for Kansai the Rice Bowl became in 1984 a contest between the University Champions and the Social (Club) Champions. Ritsumeikan University Panthers were in 2009 the last University Champions to win the Rice Bowl and in 2021 the Rice Bowl became the sole possession of the X-League after growing concern for the safety of the University players who were younger and less experienced than their Social counterparts, all of whom could boast American professionals in star positions. For 2022 the X-League X1 Super (the top division in Japanese American Football) added four new teams promoted from the X1 Area League – Asahi Beer Silver Star, Asahi Soft Drinks Club Challengers, Tainai Deers and Otonari Fukuoka Suns. The X1 Super was divided into two divisions of six (A and B) to accomodate the promoted teams.

Photo of the 1st German Japan Bowl in Dusseldorf, Germany. 24 April 2010

Picture Credit: D. Young / Shutterstock (2010) DUSSELDORF, GERMANY – APRIL 24: The 1st German Japan Bowl. The action that lead to Japans last touch-down gathers momentum. On April 24, 2010 in Dusseldorf, Germany [Accessed 4 May 2021]


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