Dublin Soccer

This is the Eirball.football Archive for the All-Time results of Dublin Soccer. The Eirball.football Archive is an ongoing project and part of the Eirball.ie – Irish, North American and World Sports Archives

The Following Soccer Leagues appear in this page in the following order: 1. Athletic Union League 2. Amateur Football League 3. Leinster Football League

Athletic Union League (Fingal and North Dublin)

The Athletic Union League covers the Junior Level adult Leagues for North Dublin & County Fingal.

Athletic Union League Logo
Athletic Union League Logo

Picture Credit: [7] Stoppage Time (2017) AUL Logo [Internet] Available from: http://stoppagetime.ie/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/aul.png [Accessed 8 February 2017]

Athletic Union League (Fingal / North Dublin)


AUL (Fingal) (Junior County Adult):

AUL Premier Sunday (Level 1)(Seasons):

AUL Division 3 Sunday (Level 2)(Seasons):

AUL / LFL Division 3 Saturday (AUL Level 3/LFL Level 2)(Seasons):

Amateur Football League (Dublin City North and South)

Amateur Football League Logo
[1] Amateur Football League (2020) logo [Internet] Available from: https://www.amateurfootballleague.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/logo.png%5BAccessed 13 December 2020]

Leinster Football League (South Dublin)

The Leinster Junior League covered the Junior Level Adult Leagues for South Dublin up until its’ absorbtion by the Leinster Senior Football League. It was replaced as the South Dublin League by the Leinster Football League

Leinster Football League Logo

Leinster (Junior) Football League (South Dublin)


LJL Premier Division Sunday (South Dublin-DLR) (LJL Level 1):

LFL Sunday Premier Division (South Dublin-DLR) (LFL Level 1)(Seasons):

AUL / LFL Division 3 Saturday (AUL Level 3/LFL Level 2)(Seasons):