Leinster Senior Football League | Senior Division 1 Sunday 2019-20

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Scared Heart Firhouse Clover8710201022
Home Farm FC853017818
Kilnamanagh AFC7421231414
Lucan United741216813
Leixlip United7313131010
Tullamore Town631211910
Glenville FC5230429
St. Patrick’s CYFC4211767
Greystones United AFC82068176
UCD AFC6123685
Swords Celtic71155154
Skerries Town5023372
Newtown Rangers50145141
Glebe North50147171

Reference: [1]


DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
16.08.2019Home Farm FC2Tullamore Town2
16.08.2019Leixlip United2Greystones United0
16.08.2019Glebe North2Kilnamanagh AFC5
18.08.2019Sacred Heart Firhouse Clover2Swords Celtic0
Week 2
21.08.2019Swords Celtic0Home Farm4
21.08.2019Kilnamanagh AFC3Sacred Heart Firhouse Clover4
23.08.2019Greystones United0FGlenville FC1
25.08.2019Kilnamanagh AFC3Leixlip United2
25.08.2019Sacred Heart Firhouse Clover1Glebe North1
25.08.2019Skerries Town1Home Farm FC1
Week 3
28.08.2019Greystones United0St. Patrick’s CYFC2
28.08.2019Swords Celtic1Skerries Town0
28.08.2019Leixlip United2Home Farm FC3
28.08.2019Newtown Rangers1Kilnamanagh AFC3
28.08.2019Glenville FC0Lucan United0
30.08.2019Glebe North2Sacred Heart Firhouse Clover3
01.09.2019Newtown Rangers0Lucan United3
01.09.2019UCD AFC0Greystones United1
01.09.2019Glenville FC2Leixlip United1
01.09.2019Kilnamanagh AFC2St. Patrick’s CYFC2
Week 4
04.09.2019Swords Celtic1Lucan United4
04.09.2019St. Patrick’s CYFC1UCD AFC0
04.09.2019Leixlip United2Tullamore Town0
06.09.2019Greystones United3Newtown Rangers1
08.09.2019Lucan United2Tullamore Town4
08.09.2019Skerries Town0Glenville FC0
08.09.2019Sacred Heart Firhouse Clover4St. Patrick’s CYFC2
Week 5
13.09.2019Leixlip United1UCD AFC1
Week 6
20.09.2019Greystones United2Kilnamanagh AFC6
20.09.2019Swords Celtic1Glenville FC1
22.09.2019Newtown Rangers2UCD AFC2
22.09.2019Skerries Town1Sacred Heart Firhouse Clover3
Week 7
23.09.2019Glebe North1Lucan United5
27.09.2019Tullamore Town1Swords Celtic0
Week 8
02.10.2019Home Farm1Lucan United0
04.10.2019Tullamore Town3Newtown Rangers1
04.10.2019Leixlip United3Glebe North1
04.10.2019Swords Celtic2UCD AFC3
06.10.2019Kilnamanagh1Home Farm1
06.10.2019Lucan United2Skerries Town1
06.10.2019Sacred Heart Firhouse Clover2Greystones United1
Week 9
11.10.2019Home Farm FC3Greystones United AFC1
13.10.2019UCD AFC0Sacred Heart Firhouse Clover1
Week 10
18.10.2019Tullamore Town1Home Farm FC2

Reference: [2]


The Leinster Senior League is an Intermediate Level Adult Soccer League in the Republic of Ireland. It contains both 1st team leagues (played over Sundays usually) and 2nd team leagues (usually played on Saturdays).

The Senior Division 1 is the 2nd highest level of the Leinster Senior League and the 4th overall in the Republic of Ireland.


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