Leinster Senior Football League | Senior Division 1A Sunday 2019-20

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Willow Park FC9612191119
Collinstown FC9603191318
Tolka Rovers8521241217
Templeogue United9423171114
St. John Bosco8323131011
Dublin Bus8323131311
Arklow Town FC8323131811
Dublin University FC53021079
Portlaoise AFC62229118
Drumcondra FC62137137
Tek United711511174
Inchicore Athletic FC61148184
Dunboyne AFC50053120

Reference: [1]


DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
16.08.2019Templeogue United5Arklow Town 2
17.08.2019Willow Park FC2Portlaoise AFC0
18.08.2019Dunboyne AFC1St. John Bosco3
18.08.2019Tek United1Collinstown FC2
Week 2
21.08.2019Collinstown FC0Tolka Rovers1
21.08.2019Arklow Town2Willow Park2
21.08.2019Portlaoise AFC4Tek United1
21.08.2019St. John Bosco2Drumcondra FC0
23.08.2019Templeogue United2Collinstown FC1
23.08.2019Tolka Rovers5Arklow Town1
24.08.2019Willow Park FC3St. John Bosco2
25.08.2019Dublin Bus2Drumcondra FC0
Week 3
28.08.2019Collinstown FC2Willow Park FC1
28.08.2019Portlaoise AFC1Dublin Bus1
28.08.2019St. John Bosco2Tek United0
28.08.2019Tolka Rovers2Dunboyne AFC1
28.08.2019Drumcondra AFC2Templeogue United2
30.08.2019Collinstown FC2Arklow Town 0
30.08.2019Templeogue United0Dublin University FC1
01.09.2019Tek United2Tolka Rovers2
Week 4
04.09.2019Inchicore Athletic1Arklow Town1
06.09.2019Portlaoise AFC1Templeogue United0
06.09.2019St. John Bosco1Collinstown FC2
06.09.2019Tolka Rovers1Willow Park FC3
08.09.2019Dublin Bus2Inchicore Athletic1
08.09.2019Drumcondra FC0Tek United5
Week 5
09.09.2019Dublin University FC3Dunboyne AFC0
12.09.2019Dublin University FC1Dublin Bus3
13.09.2019Templeogue United0St. John Bosco0
15.09.2019Drumcondra FC2Willow Park FC1
Week 6
20.09.2019Arklow Town4Tek United2
20.09.2019Tolka Rovers7Inchicore Athletic3
22.09.2019Dublin Bus2Collinstown FC3
22.09.2019Dunboyne AFC1Drumcondra FC3
Week 7
27.09.2019Templeogue United5Inchicore Athletic0
Week 8
03.10.2019Dublin University FC4Collinstown FC2
04.10.2019Arklow Town2Dublin Bus1
04.10.2019St. John Bosco2Tolka Rovers2
05.10.2019Willow Park FC2Inchicore Athletic1
06.10.2019Tek United0Templeogue United3
Week 9
11.10.2019Collinstown FC5Portlaoise AFC1
11.10.2019Tolka Rovers4Templeogue United FC0
13.10.2019Dublin Bus0Willow Park FC3
13.10.2019Inchicore Athletic FC2St. John Bosco1
Week 10
18.10.2019Arklow Town FC1Dunboyne AFC0
20.10.2019Dublin Bus2Portlaoise AFC2

Reference: [2]


By the end of September Collinstown (15 Points) held a slender lead over Tolka Rovers and Willow Park, both on 13 Points.


The Leinster Senior League is an Intermediate Level Adult Soccer League in the Republic of Ireland. It contains both 1st team leagues (played over Sundays usually) and 2nd team leagues (usually played on Saturdays).

The Senior Division 1A is the 3rd level of the Leinster Senior Football League and the 5th overall in the Republic of Ireland.


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Thanks to Paul Foley (Dublin University & Templeogue United)

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