Leinster Softball Association 1st Division 1998

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LSA 1st Division 1998

Primary Conference         
**Marlay Martyrs4400  0315
Oddsox Green4310  1.5212
Batpak5230  1.5312
Oddsox Red4220  319
Dodder Dynamoes4130  417
Angels 13030  525
Secondary Conference         
Warriors5410  0316
Oddsox Blue5410  0316
– Reindeer Bucks5320  2112
– Fat Cats5311  2212
= Flyers5140  3.529
= Fumballers Blue5050  516
1st Half East         
+Batpak5410  0 13
+Angels5320  1 11
+Oddsox Red5320  1 11
Warriors5320  1 11
Fat Cats5230  2 9
Reindeer Bucks5050  4 5
1st Half West         
+Marlay Martyrs A5500  0 15
+Oddsox Green5410  1 13
+Dodder Dynamoes5320  2 11
Oddsox Blue5221  3.5 8
Flyers5140  4 7
Fumballers Blue5050  5 5
DateHome Team Away Team 
 Relegation Playoffs   
13.09.1998Fat CatsLBlazzersW
13.09.1998Reindeer BucksWJammy DodgersL
After First Half the top 3 teams in each section played in the Primary Conference and the bottom 3 played in the secondary conference. r – Automatic Relegation. rp – Relegation Playoff.

Results Phase 2 Primary Conference

DateHome TeamAway team
Week 6
07.07.1998Batpak11Dodder Dynamoes4
07.07.1998Angels8Oddsox Green10
07.07.1998Marlay Martyrs9Oddsox Red7
Week 7
14.07.1998Oddsox Green12Batpak11
14.07.1998AngelspMarlay Martyrsp
14.07.1998Dodder Dynamoes6Oddsox Red9
Week 8
21.07.1998Batpak16Angels 111
21.07.1998Oddsox Red6Oddsox Green11
21.07.1998Dodder Dynamoes9Marlay Martyrs11
Week 9
28.07.1998Oddsox Red13Batpak11
28.07.1998Dodder Dynamoes12Angels10
28.07.1998Marlay Martyrs10Oddsox Greeen8
Week 10
11.08.1998Batpak9Marlay Martyrs12
11.08.1998AngelsOddsox Red
11.08.1998Oddsox GreenDodder Dynamoes

Results Phase 2 Secondary Conference

DateHome TeamAway team
Week 6
07.07.1998Fat Cats16Flyers7
07.07.1998Oddsox Blue16Reindeer bucks14
Week 7
14.07.1998Fat Cats0Oddsox Blue7
14.07.1998Fumballers19Reindeer Bucks31
Week 8
21.07.1998Warriors13Fat Cats17
21.07.1998Reindeer Bucks24Flyers23
21.07.1998Oddsox Blue23Fumballers13
Week 9
28.07.1998Reindeer Bucks10Warriors20
28.07.1998Fat Cats25Fumballers1
28.07.1998Flyers2Oddsox Blue10
Week 10
11.08.1998WarriorsWOddsox BlueL
11.08.1998Reindeer BucksWFat CatsL

Results Phase 1 East

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
28.04.1998Batpak32Reindeer Bucks7
28.04.1998Oddsox Red11Warriors12
28.04.1998Angels14Fat Cats22
Week 2
12.05.1998Fat Cats10Oddsox Red14
12.05.1998Reindeer Bucks6Angels10
Week 3
26.05.1998Batpak10Fat Cats9
26.05.1998Oddsox Red8Angels7
26.05.1998WarriorsWReindeer BucksL
Week 4
09.06.1998Reindeer Bucks12Oddsox Red24
09.06.1998Fat Cats6Warriors8
Week 5
16.06.1998Batpak13Oddsox Red8
16.06.1998Fat Cats21Reindeer Bucks16

Results Phase 1 West

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
28.04.1998Marlay Martyrs11Flyers9
28.04.1998Dodder Dynamoes12Oddsox Blue11
28.04.1998Oddsox Green18Fumballers1
Week 2
12.05.1998Oddsox Blue9Marlay Martyrs19
12.05.1998Fumballers9Dodder Dynamoes18
12.05.1998Flyers2Oddsox Green14
Week 3
26.05.1998Marlay Martyrs22Fumballers7
26.05.1998Dodder Dynamoes4Oddsox Green13
26.05.1998Oddsox Blue26Flyers6
Week 4
09.06.1998Oddsox Green7Marlay Martrys10
09.06.1998Flyers7Dodder Dynamoes8
09.06.1998Fumballers8Oddsox Blue24
Week 5
16.06.1998Marlay Martyrs8Dodder Dynamoes6
16.06.1998Oddsox Green7Oddsox Blue0


Marlay Martyrs won the 1998 Leinster Softball association 1st Division title winning all 9 games. Oddsox Green were their closest rivals, but a loss to the Martyrs on the second last matchday meant the title went to the Rathfarnham team.

The season was divided into two halves, with Phase 1 being East and West Divisions playing 5 games within their own division, followed by a Primary Conference (the top 3 from East and west) and Secondary Conference (the other 6 teams) playing a further 5 games amongst their Conference. Bonus Points were carried forward to Phase 2 based on position in Phase 1, but match results and points not.


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Thanks to Austin Purton and Ciaran Columb, Marlay Martyrs.

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