Liga Football Americano (Mexico) 2019

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League Standings

Conferencia Centro
*CDMX Condors862020515075
*CDMX Mayas853013012963
Puebla Artilleros853014513163
CDMX Mexicas826013217025
Conferencia Norte
*Edomex Raptors862021011875
Saltillo Dinos835011012538
Monterrey Fundidores835013413338
Toluca Osos826011622625

Reference: [1]

Regular Season Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
22.02.19Monterrey Fundidores26Saltillo Dinos13
23.02.19Edomex Raptors48Toluca Osos12
24.02.19CDMX Mayas13CDMX Condors21
24.02.19CDMX Mexicas12Puebla Artilleros29
Week 2
02.03.19Toluca Osos30Monterrey Fundidores29
02.03.19Saltillo Dinos7Edomex Raptors21
03.03.19CDMX Mayas13CDMX Mexicas3
03.03.19Puebla Artilleros15CDMX Condors22
Week 3
08.03.19Monterrey Fundidores31Edomex Raptors21
10.03.19Toluca Osos10Saltillo Dinos22
10.03.19CDMX Condors18CDMX Mexicas22
10.03.19CDMX Mayas14Puebla Artilleros7
Week 4
16.03.19Puebla Artilleros17Toluca Osos6
17.03.19CDMX Mayas16Saltillo Dinos13
17.03.19CDMX Condors15Monterrey Fundidores13
17.03.19CDMX Mexicas29Edomex Raptors23
Week 5
23.03.19Saltillo Dinos8Monterrey Fundidores0
24.03.19Edomex Raptors20CDMX Mayas13
24.03.19Puebla Artilleros21CDMX Mexicas20
24.03.19Toluca Osos30CDMX Condors54
Week 6
29.03.19Monterrey Fundidores6Puebla Artilleros7
30.03.19Toluca Osos6Edomex Raptors28
30.03.19Saltillo Dinos28CDMX Mexicas20
31.03.19CDMX Condors33CDMX Mayas13
Week 7
06.04.19Saltillo Dinos12Toluca Osos13
07.04.19CDMX Mexicas12CDMX Mayas22
07.04.19Edomex Raptors30Monterrey Fundidores13
07.04.19CDMX Condors26Puebla Artilleros29
Week 8
12.04.19Monterrey Fundidores16Toluca Osos9
13.04.19Edomex Raptors19Saltillo Dinos9
14.04.19CDMX Mexicas14CDMX Condors16
14.04.19Puebla Artilleros20CDMX Mayas25

Reference: [2]

Playoff Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
27.04.19CDMX Condors18CDMX Mayas13
27.04.19Edomex Raptors53Monterrey Fundidores47
Tazon Mexico IVCd. De Los Deportes
12.05.19CDMX Condors20Edomex Raptors16

Reference: [2]

Home Venues:

TeamHome Venue
CDMX CondorsCampo-CSF
CDMX MayasW.Massieu
CDMX MexicasCasco ST
Edomex RaptorsFES Acatlan
Monterrey FundidoresNL Independiente
Puebla ArtillerosTemplo del Dolor
Saltillo DinosOL Saltillo
Toluca OsosLa Fortaleza

Reference: [2]


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