Liga Football Americano (Mexico) 2020

Liga Football Americano Mexico Logo 2019-Present [Reference: 3]


Division Nord
Raptors de Edomex541012182100
Dinos de Saltillo52308682100
Fundidores de Monterrey523010710740
Pioneros de Queretaro5140681160
Division Centro
CDMX Condors54101124480
Osos de Toluca5320938960
Artilleros de Puebla5320778160
CDMX Mexicas51404010320
Liga Football Americano Mexico Standings 2020 [Reference: 1]

Playoff Schedule

DateHome TeamAway Team
01.05.20201 Norte2 Norte
03.05.20201 Centro2 Centro
Tazon Mexico V
Liga Football Americano Mexico Playoffs 2020 [Reference: 2]

Regular Season Results & Schedule

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
07.02.2020CDMX Mexicas5Raptors de Edomex13
08.02.2020Pioneros de Queretaro7CDMX Condors29
08.02.2020Saltillo Dinos12Artilleros de Puebla10
09.02.2020Osos de Toluca14Fundidores de Monterrey20
Week 2
14.02.2020Fundidores de Monterrey15Saltillo Dinos23
15.02.2020Artilleros de Puebla24CDMX Mexicas26
15.02.2020Raptors de Edomex19Pioneros de Queretaro2
16.02.2020Osos de Toluca10CDMX Condors27
Week 3
22.02.2020CDMX Mexicas15Osos de Toluca16
22.02.2020Saltillo Dinos30Raptors de Edomex29
23.02.2020CDMX Condors29Artilleros de Puebla18
23.02.2020Pioneros de Queretaro3Fundidores de Monterrey23
Week 4
28.02.2020Fundidores de Monterrey19CDMX Mexicas13
29.02.2020Artilleros de Puebla24Pioneros de Queretaro19
29.02.2020Raptors de Edomex23Osos de Toluca7
01.03.2020CDMX Condors26Saltillo Dinos20
Week 5
07.03.2020CDMX Mexicas27CDMX Condors10
07.03.2020Raptors de Edomex28Fundidores de Monterrey0
07.03.2020Saltillo Dinos8Pioneros de Queretaro9
08.03.2020Osos de Toluca21Artilleros de Puebla31
Week 6
21.03.2020CDMX CondorsOsos de Toluca
21.03.2020Saltillo DinosFundidores de Monterrey
21.03.2020CDMX MexicasArtilleros de Puebla
22.03.2020Pioneros de QueretaroRaptors de Edomex
Week 7
27.03.2020Fundidores de MonterreyPioneros de Queretaro
28.03.2020Artilleros de PueblaCDMX Condors
28.03.2020Raptors de EdomexSaltillo Dinos
29.03.2020Osos de TolucaCDMX Mexicas
Week 8
04.04.2020Artilleros de PueblaFundidores de Monterrey
04.04.2020CDMX CondorsRaptors de Edomex
04.04.2020Saltillo DinosOsos de Toluca
05.04.2020Pioneros de QueretaroCDMX Mexicas
Week 9
17.04.2020Fundidores de MonterreyCDMX Condors
18.04.2020Raptors de EdomexArtilleros de Puebla
19.04.2020Osos de TolucaPioneros de Queretaro
19.04.2020CDMX MexicasSaltillo Dinos
Week 10
24.04.2020Fundidores de MonterreyRaptors de Edomex
25.05.2020Artilleros de PueblaOsos de Toluca
25.05.2020CDMX CondorsCDMX Mexicas
26.04.2020Pioneros de QueretaroSaltillo Dinos
Liga Football Americano Mexico Regular Season Results 2020 [Reference: 2]

Home Venues

TeamHome Venue
Division Norte
Edomex RaptorsEstadio JOM UVM, Lomas Verdes
Monterrey FundidoresNuevo Estadio ITESM Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
Queretaro PionerosEstadio Deportivo El Pueblito, Queretaro
Saltillo DinosEstadio Olimpico de Saltillo
Division Centro
CDMX CondorsEsatadio ITESM Santa Fe
CDMX MexicasEstadio Perros Negros, Naucalpan
Puebla ArtillerosEstadio Olimpico Universitario BUAP
Toluca OsosEstadio Universidad Siglo XXI
LFA Mexico Home Venues 2020 [Reference: 2]


The 2020 Liga Futbol Americano was the 5th season of the Major Professional American Football League in Mexico. CDMX Mayas took the season out, intending to return in 2021, with Pioneros de Queretaro moving up from Futbol American de Mexico having won it in 2019.

The League was suspended after week 5 due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak, with Condors CDMX two games ahead of CDMX Mexicas and Artilleros de Puebla on a 4-1 record in Division Norte, and Raptors de Edomex, chasing their first ever League title, on 4-1 also in Division Centro, one game ahead of Dinos de Saltillo and Fundidores de Monterrey.



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