Limerick District League (Soccer) | Premier League 2019-20


Pike Rovers862037820
Fairview Rangers962132820
Ballynanty Rovers9612261519
Regional United9504231715
Aisling Annacotty9414221813
Mungret Reg9405161612
Coonagh United10 13620376
Nenagh AFC82069296
Prospect Priory81167304

Reference: [1]

Results & Fixtures

DateTimeHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
13.08.2019Kilmallock1Ballynanty Rovers1
13.08.2019Nenagh AFC1Geraldines2
15.08.2019Mungret Reg0Fairview Rangers4
15.08.2019Aisling Annacotty1Regional United2
15.08.2019Coonagh United2Prospect Priory2
15.08.2019Pike Rovers6Janesboro1
17.08.2019Nenagh AFC1Kilmallock1
18.08.2019Regional United2Mungret Reg1
18.08.2019Prospect Priory0Fairview Rangers8
18.08.2019Janesboro1Aisling Annacotty0
18.08.2019Ballynanty Rovers3Coonagh United2
18.08.2019Geraldines2Pike Rovers2
Week 2
22.08.2019Mungret Reg1Prospect Priory0
22.08.2019Regional United2Janesboro3
22.08.2019Fairview Rangers1Ballynanty Rovers2
22.08.2019Aisling Annacotty0Geraldines4
22.08.2019Coonagh United4Nenagh AFC5
22.08.2019Pike Rovers8Kilmallock0
25.08.2019Janesboro2Mungret Reg0
25.08.2019Ballynanty Rovers1Prospect Priory0
25.08.2019Geraldines1Regional United4
25.08.2019Nenagh AFC0Fairview Rangers3
25.08.2019Kilmallock2Aisling Annacotty5
25.08.2019Pike Rovers4Coonagh United1
Week 3
29.08.2019Mungret Reg2Ballynanty Rovers4
29.08.2019Prospect Priory3Nenagh AFC2
29.08.2019Regional United5Kilmallock0
29.08.2019Fairview Rangers1Pike Rovers1
29.08.2019Aisling Annacotty5Coonagh United1
01.09.2019Geraldines3Munget Reg1
01.09.2019Nenagh AFC0Ballynanty Rovers7
01.09.2019Pike Rovers7Prospect Priory0
01.09.2019Coonagh United2Regional United0
01.09.2019Aisling Annacotty3Fairview Rangers3
Week 4
08.09.2019Kilmallock1Mungret Reg3
08.09.2019Pike Rovers5Nenagh AFC0
08.09.2019Coonagh United3Geraldines3
08.09.2019Fairview Rangers1Janesboro0
08.09.2019Regional United4Prospect Priory2
Week 5
27.10.201910:30Mungret RegPike Rovers
27.10.201910:30Prospect PrioryGeraldines
27.10.201910:30Regional UnitedNenagh AFC

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