Little Big Four (Canadian Football) 1902-1906

Present-day Canadian Junior Football League Logo [Ref: 1]

Little Big Four 1902

Upper Canada College Blues (C)32106424
St. Andrew College Saints32101831
Trinity College School Bigside32103314
Ridley College Tigers30301155
Little Big Four 1902 [Ref: 2]

Little Big Four 1903

Ridley College Tigers (C)3210496
St. Andrew College Saints3210429
Trinity College School Bigside31203436
Upper Canada College Blues31201444
Little Big Four 1903 [Ref: 2]

Little Big Four 1904

Upper Canada College Blues (C)33001072
St. Andrew College Saints32107120
Ridley College Tigers31203340
Trinity College School Bigside30301150
Little Big Four 1904 [Ref: 2]

Little Big Four 1905

Ridley College Tigers (C)321062429
Upper Canada College Blues32105516
St. Andrew College Saints32104118
Trinity College School Bigside30308104
Little Big Four 1905 [Ref: 2]

Little Big Four 1906

Ridley College Tigers (C)33008421
St. Andrew College Saints32107835
Upper Canada College Blues31203445
Trinity College School Bigside303011106
Little Big Four 1906 [Ref: 2]


The Little Big Four was a Canadian Junior Rugby Union (Canadian Football) League operating among four Canadian Colleges: Ridley College Tigers, St. Andrew College Saints, Trinity College School Bigside and Upper Canada College Blues. All are from Toronto, Ontario, with the exception of Ridley College, which is based in St. Catherines, Ontario.

During the period 1902 to 1906 Ridley College Tigers won the Championship three times and Upper Canada College Blues twice.

The Canadian Junior Football League has been running Amateur Province-based Championships since 1887, under various names (Canadian Rugby Union, Canadian Junior Football League). In Canada Gridiron Football was known as Rugby until the Canadian Football League split away from the Canadian Rugby Union in 1958 to form its own Professional League and adopt more American Football Rules. The sport has been known as Canadian Football since. (For more on Canadian Football history see: Canadian Football Leagues



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