Longford GAA Senior Hurling Championship Finals 1905-Present

Longford GAA Crest [Reference: 1]


1905Longford Leo Caseys1-3Killoe Young Emmets1-2
1905 RLongford Leo Caseys2-4Killoe Young Emmets0-1
1906No competition
1907Killoe Young Emmets3-3Longford Leo Caseys0-0
1908-1931No Competition
1933Granard won League Table
1935-1981No Competition
1982Slashers Gaels2-10Naomh Ciarán1-6
1983Slashers GaelswonNaomh Ciaránlost
1984Slashers Gaels5-9Naomh Ciarán0-5
1985Naomh Ciarán2-18Slashers Gaels0-3
1986Slashers Gaels6-11Bunlahy2-0
1987Slashers Gaels3-10Wolfe Tones0-6
1988Naomh Ciarán1-14Slashers Gaels2-10
1989Slashers Gaels2-10Naomh Ciarán0-4
1990Slashers Gaels3-8Wolfe Tones0-6
1991Slashers Gaels3-8Wolfe Tones0-2
1992Wolfe Tones2-6Slashers Gaels1-7
1993Wolfe Tones0-13Slashers Gaels0-5
1994Wolfe Tones2-8Slashers Gaels0-1
1995Wolfe Tones2-10Slashers Gaels0-10
1996Wolfe Tones2-9Slashers Gaels2-6
1997Slashers Gaels1-8Wolfe Tones0-8
1998Wolfe Tones4-9Slashers Gaels0-4
1999Wolfe Tones3-6Slashers Gaels0-7
2000Slashers Gaels3-13Ballymahon Gaels1-9
2001Slashers Gaels6-11Ballymahon Gaels1-4
2002Wolfe Tones0-16Slashers Gaels0-14
2003Clonguish Gaels3-9Wolfe Tones1-5
2004Wolfe Tones1-11Clonguish Gaels0-9
2005Clonguish Gaels3-11Wolfe Tones3-5
2006Clonguish Gaels3-15Slashers Gaels4-6
2007Wolfe Tones2-17Slashers Gaels1-17
2008Wolfe Tones2-8Clonguish Gaels1-10
2009Wolfe Tones1-16Clonguish Gaels1-6
2010Wolfe Tones2-10Clonguish Gaels1-10
2011Final not Played
2012Clonguish Gaels1-10Wolfe Tones1-18
2013Wolfe Tones3-12Clonguish Gaels2-14
2014Wolfe Tones2-10Clonguish Gaels1-10
2015Wolfe Tones4-11Longford Slashers0-10
2016Wolfe Tones2-15Clonguish Gaels1-5
2017Wolfe Tones2-11Longford Slashers2-10
2018Wolfe Tones1-11Clonguish Gaels0-10
2019Clonguish Gaels1-19Longford Slashers0-10
Longford GAA Senior Hurling Championship Finals 1905-Present [References: 2]


Wolfe Tones of Mostrim have won 19 Longford GAA Senior Hurling Championship Finals, with Longford Slashers in second plsce with 11, Clonguish Gaels in third with 5 wins, and also Granard with three, Naomh Ciarán (Rathcline) with two and Killoe Young Emmets and Longford Leo Caseys with one each.

The Longford GAA Senior Hurling Championship was first played in 1905, although there was no competition in 1906, and from 1908 to 1931 and 1935 to 1981. The 2011 Final was not played.



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