LonLeitRos Area Board Senior Ladies League 2017-18

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Final Table

Castlebar Mustangs1414077341842
Western Warriors1210265945532
Longford Falcons149567356132
Securitas Torpedo146868265026
Drumlish Dragons##1411329966914
Castlerea Cosmos ####1311224751411


Top Four Cup

DateTeam Away Team 
09.03.18Castlebar Mustangs75Mohill BC44
10.03.18Western Warriors62Longford Falcons51
11.03.18Castlebar Mustangs55Western Warriors57


Regular Season Results

DateTeam Away Team 
 Week 1   
09.10.2017Securitas Torpedo58Castlerea Cosmos21
10.10.2017Castlebar Mustangs62Boyle24
13.10.2017Drumlish Dragons34Longford Falcons46
13.10.2017Western Warriors Mohill 
 Week 2   
18.10.2017Longford Falcons35Western Warriors52
20.10.2017Drumlish Dragons19Castlebar Mustangs72
21.10.2017Mohill53Securitas Torpedo49
 Week 3   
23.10.2017Securitas Torpedo47Boyle42
26.10.2017Castlerea Cosmos20Drumlish Dragons0 #
27.10.2017Western Warriors74Castlebar Mustangs79
 Week 4   
03.11.2017Boyle65Castlerea Cosmos21
 Week 5   
07.11.2017Castlebar Mustangs68Mohill26
08.11.2017Longford Falcons53Securitas Torpedo37
09.11.2017Castlerea Cosmos25Western Warriors59
10.11.2017Drumlish Dragons23Boyle37
 Week 6   
13.11.2017Securitas Torpedo66Drumlish Dragons21
14.11.2017Western Warriors53Boyle35
15.11.2017Longford Falcons55Castlebar Mustangs74
17.11.2017Boyle39Western Warriors47
18.11.2017Mohill20Castlerea Cosmos0 #
 Week 7   
21.11.2017Castlebar Mustangs57Securitas Torpedo35
23.11.2017Casterea Cosmos45Longford Falcons64
 Week 8   
01.12.2017Western Warriors81Drumlish Dragons22
02.12.2017Mohill45Longford Falcons39
 Week 9   
04.12.2017Securitas Torpedo42Western Warriors62
05.12.2017Castlebar Mustangs55Castlerea Cosmos16
06.12.2017Longford Falcons64Boyle27
08.12.2017Drumlish Dragons21Mohill54
 Week 10   
13.12.2017Longford Falcons40Drumlish Dragons26
14.12.2017Castlerea Cosmos35Securitas Torpedo48
15.12.2017Boyle0 #Castlebar Mustangs20
16.12.2017Mohill27Western Warriors43
 Week 11   
08.01.2018Securitas Torpedo65Mohill32
08.01.2018Castlebar Mustangs20Drumlish Dragons0 #
11.01.2018Castelrea Cosmos26Boyle46
12.01.2018Western Warriors43Longford Falcons37
 Week 12   
16.01.2018Castlebar Mustangs62Western Warriors34
17.01.2018Longford Falcons65Mohill28
19.01.2018Drumlish Dragons39Castlerea Cosmos38
19.01.2018Boyle55Securitas Torpedo47
 Week 13   
22.01.2018Securitas Torpedo37Longford Falcons59
26.01.2018Western Warriors Castlerea Cosmos 
26.01.2018Boyle30Drumlish Dragons20
27.01.2018Mohill43Castlebar Mustangs55
 Week 14   
06.02.2018Castlebar Mustangs60Longford Falcons35
08.02.2018Castlerea Cosmos0 #Mohill20
09.02.2018Drumlish Dragons31Securitas Torpedo56
 Week 15   
12.02.2018Securitas Torpedo57Castlebar Mustangs69
14.02.2018Longford Falcons20Castlerea Cosmos0 #
16.02.2018Drumlish Dragons14Western Warriors51
 Week 16   
22.02.2018Castlerea Cosmos0 #Castlebar Mustangs20
23.02.2018Western Warriors60Securitas Torpedo38
23.02.2018Boyle53Longford Falcons61
24.02.2018Mohill58Drumlish Dragons29


Home Venues

TeamHome Court
Top 4 CupAbbey Community College, Boyle, Co. Roscommon
BoyleAbbey Community College, Boyle, Co. Roscommon
Casterea CosmosThe Hub, Castlerea, Co. Roscommon
Drumlish DragonsSt. Mel’s College, Longford
Longford FalconsLongford Sports & Leisure Centre
MohillMohill Complex, Mohill, Co. Leitrim
MustangsDe La Salle Sports Hall, Castlebar, Co. Mayo
Securitas TorpedoSt. Mary’s Sports Complex, Edgeworthstown, Co. Longford
Western WarriorsScoil Mhuire Sports Complex, Strokestown, Co. Roscommon





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