Lota International Basketball Tournament 1966

1966 Lota Programme [Reference: 4]

Pool Tables

Pool 1
*US Navy (Derry)11020112
Ford (Cork)21148402
St. Vincent’s (Killarney)10120370
Pool 2
*Tannery (Tralee)22058544
Newport (Wales)21146412
Gunners (Cork)20252610
Pool 3
*Neptune (Cork)22057374
Cardinals (Cork)21133382
Celtic (Limerick)20234490
Pool 4
*Iona (Cork)22063464
De Paul (Cork)21155522
St. Mary’s (Athlone)20244640
Lota International Basketball Tournament 1966 [References: Compiled from Results in 2 & Pool in 1]


DateHome TeamAway Team
11.04.1966Tannery31US Navy39
11.04.1966US Navy36Neptune31
Lota International Basketball Tournament 1966 [References: in 2]

Pool Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Pool 1
11.04.1966Ford37St. Vincent’s20
11.04.1966Ford11US Navy20
11.04.1966St. Vincent’sUS Navy
Pool 2
Pool 3
Pool 4
11.04.1966Iona30St. Mary’s25
11.04.1966Iona33De Paul21
11.04.1966De Paul34St. Mary’s19
Lota International Basketball Tournament 1966 [References: Compiled from Results in 2]


US Navy of Derry won the 1966 Lota Basketball Tournament, defeating hosts Neptune 36-31 in the Final. Teams had travelled from as far as Newport in wales for the Tournament, although holders, Collegians, from Belfast, could not travel on the day, and were replaced in Pool 4 by De Paul.

Tannery from Tralee and Iona from Cork, were the other Pool winners, and were beaten in the Semi-Finals 31-39 by US Navy and 16-29 by Neptune respectively.

The US Navy made it third time lucky in the Final, playing a set zone defense and Neptune were relying on fast breaks. 5’3″ Chuck Pattison claimed the Most Valuable Player Award for the tournament, scoring 10 Points from outside jump shots to play an important role in the victory.

Final Scorers:

US Navy: J Yeutter (14), C Pattison (10), B Allard (8), M Brown (4).

Neptune: M Finn (10), JJ O’Connell (10), J Ryan (4), J O’Donoghue (4), L O’Donohue (3)

US Navy – 1966 Lota Tournament Champions [Reference: 3]


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