Louth / Dundalk Mavericks American Football Ireland 11v11 Team 2014-Present

Louth Mavericks Logo [Reference: 1]

Irish American Football League 11v11 Team 2014-Present

Home Field: Dundalk IT Sports Ground, Co. Louth (2014-2015), Dundalk Rugby Club (2016-2019)

Colours: White Helmets / White Jerseys with Black Trim / Black Pants

Honours: IAFL 1 Bowl Champions 2017 (won Bowl Game 23-18 versus Craigavon Cowboys)

All-Time Record: W-L-T (22-28-0) Regular Season: 20-26-0 / Post-Season 2-2-0

Name Changes: Dundalk Mavericks (2014-2015) / Louth Mavericks (2016-Present)

History: Successful North Leinster Team that wasformed as the Dundalk Mavericks and played its games at Dundalk IT for the first two seasons, where they finished runners-up to the Tyrone Titans in the IAFL 1 Bowl in 2014. After a move to Dundalk Rugby Club in 2016 and subsequent name change to Louth Mavericks (after the county), they again finished runners-up to Belfast Trojans 2ns in the IAFL 1 Bowl in 2016. In 2017 they had theit most successful season yet, defeating Craigavon Cowboys 23-18 in the IAFL 1 Bowl and gaining promotion to the Shamrock Bowl Conference, the top division in the IAFL. After a disappointing 0-8-0 season in their debut season there they returned to the 1 Conference in 2019.

YearLeagueRS W-L-TPts / PosPS W-L-TChampOther W-L-TChamp
2014IAFL 2C4-2-08 / 2nd0-1-0None0-0-0None
2015IAFL 1C2-6-04 / 5th0-0-0None0-0-0None
2016IAFL 1C5-3-010 / 2nd0-1-0None0-0-0None
2017IAFL 1C5-3-010 / 3rd2-0-01 Bowl0-0-0None
2018IAFL SBC0-8-00 / 5th0-0-0None0-0-0None
2019IAFL 1C4-4-08 / 5th0-0-0None0-0-0None
2020No League
[Reference: 2-23]

Results 2014 IAFL 2 Conference

406.04.2014ASouth Kildare SoldiersW15-6
811.05.2014HTyrone TitansL7-20
1315.06.2014HGalway WarriorsW27-0
1713.07.2014ATyrone TitansL0-44
1820.07.2014HSouth Kildare SoldiersW16-0
2109.08.2014AGalway WarriorsW24-0
2 Bowl2014NTyrone TitansL7-20
[Reference: 2-4]

Results 2015 IAFL 2 Conference

122.03.2015AMullingar MinotaursW29-6
312.04.2015HTyrone TitansL0-6
419.04.2015AWaterford WolvesL14-17
817.05.2015HMeath BulldogsL7-9
1107.06.2015ATyrone TitansL6-10
1321.06.2015HMullingar MinotaursW9-0
1505.07.2015HWaterford WolvesL0-3
1612.07.2015ACork AdmiralsL6-40
[Reference: 5]

Results 2016 IAFL 1 Conference

517.04.2016ABelfast Trojans 2ndsL6-24
701.05.2016HTyrone TitansW30-0
1022.05.2016HWaterford WolvesW7-0
1204.06.2016AWest Dublin RhinosW15-13
1312.06.2016ACork AdmiralsL9-22
1526.06.2016AMeath BulldogsW9-6
1602.07.2016HWestmeath MinotaursW9-7
1710.07.2016HBelfast Trojans 2ndsW7-9
SF17.07.2016ABelfast Trojans 2ndsL3-7
[Reference: 6-11]

Results 2017 IAFL 1 Conference

326.03.2017ASouth Kildare SoldiersW7-6
730.04.2017ACraigavon CowboysL7-20
914.05.2017HWestmeath MinotaursW33-11
1021.05.2017HDonegal Derry VipersL14-16
1204.06.2017HWexford EaglesW21-17
1418.06.2017HSouth Kildare SoldiersW28-0
1602.07.2017AWest Dublin RhinosW14-13
1709.07.2017AWestmeath MinotaursL12-34
SF23.07.2017ADonegal Derry VipersW17-15
1 Bowl20.08.2017NCraigavon CowboysW23-18
[Reference: 12-17]

Results 2018 Shamrock Bowl Conference

325.03.2018ATrinity College Dublin
508.04.2018HUniversity College DublinL7-36
722.04.2018ABelfast KnightsL6-67
906.05.2018HSouth Dublin PanthersL3-15
1013.05.2018HCork AdmiralsL0-28
1410.06.2018AUniversity College DublinL7-50
1624.06.2018HBelfast TrojansL20-37
1808.07.2018ASouth Dublin PanthersL0-32
[Reference: 19-21]

Results 2019 IAFL 1 Conference

424.03.2019ACraigavon CowboysL8-22
607.04.2019ATrinity College DublinL8-14
714.04.2019HWaterford WolvesW51-0
828.04.2019AWexford EaglesL36-46
1012.05.2019HCraigavon CowboysL28-40
1302.06.2019HDonegal Derry VipersW22-19
1516.06.2019HGalway WarrorsW30-0 #
[Reference: 22-23]

IAFL 1 Bowl Champions 2017

Louth Mavericks IAFL 1 Bowl Champions 2017 [Reference: 18]



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