MAFSz Magyar Amerikai Futball Szövetség Divízió I Schedule 2006

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Final Standings

MAFS Magyar Amerikai Futball Szövetség Divízió I 2006

PosTeamWLTPctPFPANet PtsStreak
1Debrecen Gladiators4001.00019035155W4
2Györ Sharks3010.75016438126W1
3Budapest Black Knights3100.750845925W3
4Budapest Wolves II2100.667823844W2
5Nagykanizsa Demons1200.3331121120L2
6Szolnok Soldiers1300.2506067-7L3
7Zala Predators0310.00046148-102L1
8Eger Heroes0400.00018259-241L4

Playoff Schedule

MAFS Magyar Amerikai Futball Szövetség Divízió I Playoffs 2006

Match Day Elödöntök (Semi-Finals)
(Elödöntök (Semi-Finals))
43 - 36

Debrecen Gladiators vs Budapest Black Knights

(Elödöntök (Semi-Finals))
29 - 21

Györ Sharks vs Budapest Wolves II

Match Day II. Hungarian Bowl
(II. Hungarian Bowl)
6 - 7

Debrecen Gladiators vs Györ Sharks

Regular Season Schedule

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Györ Sharks defeated Debrecen Gladiators 7-6 in the Second Hungarian Bowl on 1st July 2006, in the closest Bowl game imaginable after both teams went through the season undefeated in the Four Gameweek Schedule of the MAFSz Magyar Amerikai Futball Szövetség Divízió I 2006 season, the second after years of Hungarian American Football teams playing in the Austrian League.

In all 8 teams entered the first full season of the Magyar League, with two Budapest teams, Black Knights and Wolves II eliminated in the Semi-Finals. Other competing teams were Nagykanizsa Demons, Zala Predators, Szolnok Soldiers and Eger Heroes.

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