Major League Football 2020

Major League Football Logo [Ref: 4]


Eastern ConferenceWestern Conference
Alabama AirborneNorthwest Empire
Arkansas AttackOklahoma Nation
Florida FusionTexas Independence
Ohio UnionUtah Stand
Virginia ArmadaOregon Crash
Major League Football Trademarked Team Names [Ref: 1]


Major League Football was a Publicly-Traded American Football League that intended to begin play in Spring 2020 with six unannounced teams. It announced the completion of purchase of former Alliance of American Football (AAF) equipment – a AAA (2nd Level) American Football League that played one season in 2019. It also trademarked 10 team names, which presumably would have been arranged in two Conferences – East and West – as seen above. [Ref: 1-3]



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