Men's Senior Baseball League | 40+ World Series 2019

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Final Standings

40+ American Division
*Montebello Angels77003514
*So Cal Snappers8440558
*Long Island Panthers7241615
Chi Cal Baseball6051681
40+ Mountain Division 1
*Sacramento Braves98104316
*Dallas Cardinals86203712
*Burlington Herd85305510
*Clancy’s Irish73401336
Colorado Bandits – Grey6 240644
Boston Hurricanes6240754
So Cal Trojans62401114
Ireland Buccaneers60601280
40+ Mountain Division 2
*Cincy Braves99003018
*Southern Oregon Pirates7430588
*Oakland Soldiers7340716
*Utah Rockies7340506
Houston Cyclones6240724
Colorado Bandits – White6240654
Santa Barbara Black Sheep6150792

Reference: [1]


DateTimeFieldHome TeamAway Team
Mountain DivisionQuarter-Finals
25.10.20199:30 AMSRD3Cincy Braves23Clancy’s Irish6
25.10.20199:30 AMSRD6Southern Oregon Pirates4Burlington Herd13
25.10.20199:30 AMSRD5Dallas Cardinals6Oakland Soldiers5
25.10.20199:30 AMSRD4Sacramento Braves10Utah Rockies6
Mountain DivisionSemi-Finals
26.10.20199:00 AMT#2Sacramento Braves9Dallas Cardinals2
26.10.20199:00 AMT#1Cincy Braves11Burlington Herd2
Mountain DivisionFinal
26.10.201912:45 AMTDSCincy Braves9Sacramento Braves2
American DivisionSemi-Final
25.10.20199:30 AMSRR3So Cal Snappers11Long Island Panthers5
American DivisionFinal
26.10.20199:00 AMTDSMontebello Angels12So Cal Snappers1

Reference: [6-7]

Group Phase Results

DateTimeFieldHome TeamAway Team
40+ American Division
21.10.201910:00 AMM#5Long Island Panthers10Chi Cal Baseball2
21.10.201910:00 AMM#6So Cal Snappers5Montebello Angels6
21.10.20192:00 PMM#6Chi Cal Baseball5So Cal Snappers14
21.10.20192:00 PMM#5Montebello Angels13Long Island Panthers12
22.10.20199:30 AMSRD6Montebello Angels15Chi Cal Baseball4
22.10.20192:00 PMHSSo Cal Snappers4Long Island Panthers10
23.10.201910:00 AMSKC3Chi Cal Baseball6Long Island Panthers6
23.10.201910:00 AMSKC4Montebello Angels7So Cal Snappers3
23.10.20192:00 PMSKC4So Cal Snappers15Chi Cal Baseball7
23.10.20192:00 PMSKC3Long Island Panthers5Montebello Angels11
24.10.201910:00 AMRM#1Chi Cal Baseball5Montebello Angels8
24.10.201910:00 AMRM#2Long Island Panthers3So Cal Snappers14
40+ Mountain Division 1
21.10.20194:00 PMTDSBurlington Herd22Ireland Buccaneers6
21.10.20194:00 PMT#5So Cal Trojans1Sacramento Braves28
21.10.20194:00 PMT#1Clancy’s Irish17Boston Hurricanes16
21.10.20194:00 PMT#2Dallas Cardinals7Colorado Bandits – Grey2
21.10.20197:30 PMT#1Boston Hurricanes1Burlington Herd10
21.10.20197:30 PMT#2Sacramento Braves10Dallas Cardinals7
21.10.20197:30 PMT#6Ireland Buccaneers11Clancy’s Irish30
21.10.20197:30 PMT#5Colorado Bandits – Grey19So Cal Trojans1
22.10.20194:00 PMT#1Ireland Buccaneers10So Cal Trojans19
22.10.20194:00 PMT#2Burlington Herd25Clancy’s Irish5
22.10.20195:45 PMGSBoston Hurricanes0Dallas Cardinals29
22.10.20195:45 PMHSSacramento Braves23Colorado Bandits – Grey8
22.10.20195:45 PMTDSClancy’s Irish17So Cal Trojans19
23.10.201910:00 AMGI#4Colorado Bandits – Grey6Burlington Herd8
23.10.201910:00 AMGI#5Ireland Buccaneers0Boston Hurricanes14
23.10.201911:00 AMGR#3So Cal Trojans1Dallas Cardinals24
23.10.201911:00 AMGI#6Clancy’s Irish6Sacramento Braves28
23.10.20192:00 PMGI#4Boston Hurricanes7Colorado Bandits – Grey18
23.10.20192:45 PMGI#6Burlington Herd2Sacramento Braves10
23.10.20192:45 PMGI#5Dallas Cardinals20Ireland Buccaneers4
24.10.20199:30 AMSRR4Dallas Cardinals12Burlington Herd6
24.10.20199:30 AMSRR6Colorado Bandits – Grey11Clancy’s Irish18
24.10.201912:30 PMT#1So Cal Trojans1Boston Hurricanes13
24.10.20192:00 PMFPNW#3Sacramento Braves23Ireland Buccaneers2
40+ Mountain Division 2
21.10.201910:00 AMGR#3Cincy Braves16Colorado Bandits – White5
21.10.201910:00 AMGR#5Oakland Soldiers10Houston Cyclones9
21.10.201910:00 AMGR#6Santa Barbara Black Sheep14Southern Oregon Pirates7
21.10.20192:00 PMGR#6Southern Oregon Black Sheep18Oakland Soldiers6
21.10.20192:00 PMGR#5Houston Cyclones2Cincy Braves11
21.10.20192:00 PMGR#3Utah Rockies9Colorado Bandits – White4
21.10.20195:45 PMGSSanta Barbara Black Sheep3Utah Rockies20
22.10.201910:00 AMSRD3Houston Cyclones9Santa Barbara Black Sheep8
22.10.201910:00 AMSRD4Southern Oregon Pirates8Utah Rockies5
22.10.201910:00 AMSRD5Oakland Soldiers8Colorado Bandits – White12
22.10.20191:45 PMSRD4Colorado Bandits – White9Southern Oregon Pirates13
22.10.20191:45 PMSRD5Cincy Braves25Santa Barbara Black Sheep4
22.10.20191:45 PMSRD3Utah Rockies24Houston Cyclones1
23.10.201910:00 AMHACincy Braves9Utah Rockies2
23.10.20192:00 PMHSSouthern Oregon Pirates5Cincy Braves8
23.10.20195:45 PMHSColorado Bandits – White7Houston Cyclones9
23.10.20197:30 PMTDSSanta Barbara Black Sheep3Oakland Soldiers7
24.10.20199:30 AMSRR5Colorado Bandits – White11Santa Barbara Black Sheep10
24.10.201910:00 AMHAUtah Rockies13Oakland Soldiers15
24.10.20191:30 PMSRD6Houston Cyclones3Southern Oregon Pirates12
24.10.20192:00 PMHAOakland Soldiers2Cincy Braves10

Reference: [2-5]


TDSTempe Diablo Stadium
HSHohokam Stadium
HAHohokam Auxiliary
GSGoodyear Stadium
SR D4-6 / R4-6Salt River D4-6 / R4-6
T#1-6Tempe #1-6
GR 3-6Goodyear Reds 3-6
GI 3-6Goodyear Indians 3-3
RM#1-2Red Mountain #1-2
SKC3-6Surprise KC3-6
M 5-6Maryvale 5-6
FPNWFitch Park NW

Reference: [2-7]


The Men’s Senior Baseball League / Men’s Adult Baseball League (MSBL/MABL) is the Premier Ameteur Baseball League for Adults aged 18+. It has 325 Local Affiliates, 3200 Teams and 45,000 Members who play in Local Leagues, 30 Regional Tournaments and 6 National Tournaments. The MSBL was founded in 1988. It has been featured in Major Articles in Sport Illustrated, USA Today and Baseball America. [8]

The MSBL/MABL World Series is a National Tournament involving the top Amateur Baseball teams in America, and features Tournaments at every age category from 25+ to 70+ (at 5 year intevals). It is the top Amateur Baseball Competition in the World. It is held in Arizona each October in Stadiums and Fields used by Major League Baseball Organisations during Spring Training and the Arizona Fall League season (primarily a league for MLB players recovering from injury) [8]

About the Ireland Buccaneers

Founded as the Ulster Buccaneers travelling Baseball team, the Ireland Buccaneers and offer UK & Ireland Baseball players the opportunity to play Baseball in Tournaments around the globe. [9]

The MSBL World Series would be the highlight of the calendar, enabling Irish and British players the opportunity to play in front of thousands of fans in Stadiums used by Major League Baseball organisations during Spring Training and Minor Leagues such as the Arizona Fall League.



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Social Media

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Thanks to Brian Connolly (Panthers) & Peter Mullen (Black Sox)

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