National Arena League 2019

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Final Table

Jacksonville Sharks141310800475.929
Carolina Cobras14950674433.643
Massachusetts Pirate14860677660.571
Columbus Lions14680646673.429
New York Streets144100610724.286
Orlando Predators142120398840.143

Reference: [1]

Regular Season

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
13.04.2019Massachusetts Pirate22Carolina Cobras54
13.04.2019Orlando Predators42Columbus Lions40
13.04.2019Jacksonville Sharks41New York Streets52
Week 2
20.04.2019Carolina Cobras50Massachusetts Pirate22
19.04.2019Columbus Lions24Jacksonville Sharks48
20.04.2019New York Streets70Orlando Predators31
Week 3
27.04.2019Massachusetts Pirate45Orlando Predators12
Week 4
04.05.2019Carolina Cobras48New York Streets33
04.05.2019Columbus Lions63Orlando Predators22
04.05.2019Massachusetts Pirate36Jacksonville Sharks55
Week 5
11.05.2019Jacksonville Sharks35Carolina Cobras24
11.05.2019Columbus Lions67Massachusetts Pirate56
Week 6
17.05.2019Carolina Cobras60Columbus Lions32
18.05.2019Jacksonville Sharks61Orlando Predators7
18.05.2019New York Streets54Orlando Predators53
Week 7
25.05.2019Carolina Cobras69Orlando Predators72
27.05.2019New York Streets51Massachusetts Pirate70
Week 8
01.06.2019Columbus Lions43Carolina Cobras52
31.05.2019Orlando Predators20Jacksonville Sharks48
01.06.2019Massachusetts Pirate68New York streets53
Week 9
08.06.2019New York Streets41Carolina Cobras52
08.06.2019Jacksonville Sharks49Columbus Lions41
Week 10
15.06.2019Carolina Cobras29Jacksonville Sharks55
15.06.2019Orlando Predators31Massachusetts Pirate45
Week 11
22.06.2019Massachusetts Pirate50Columbus Lions59
22.06.2019Jacksonville Sharks83New York Steets51
Week 12
30.06.2019Orlando Predators0Carolina Cobras60
29.06.2019Columbus Lions37Massachusetts Pirate61
29.06.2019New York Streets42Jacksonville Sharks51
Week 13
06.07.2019Carolina Cobras70Columbus Lions28
05.07.2019Orlando Predators30Jacksonville Sharks76
05.07.2019New York Streets52Massachusetts Pirate54
Week 14
13.07.2019Carolina Cobras72Orlando Predators0
13.07.2019Columbus Lions55New York Streets19
13.07.2019Massachusetts Pirate42Jacksonville Sharks59
Week 16
21.07.2019New York Streets0Carolina Cobras46
19.07.2019Orlando Predators46Columbus Lions52
20.07.2019Jacksonville Sharks54Massachusetts Pirate47
Week 17
27.07.2019Columbus Lions46Carolina Cobras34
27.07.2019Jacksonville Sharks85Orlando Predators30
27.07.2019Massachusetts Pirate50New York Streets35

Reference: [2]




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