National Basketball League 2K League 2018-Present

National Basketball League 2K League Logo [Reference: 4]

NBA 2K League 2018

*Blazer5 Gaming14122868.1
*76ers GC14104712.01
*Pistons GT1495643(2.9)
*Raptors Uprising GC14865740.6
*Cavs Legion GC14865742.9
*Heat Check Gaming14865741.1
*Wizards District Gaming14865742.4
Magic Gaming1486574(0.8)
Celtics Crossover Gaming1477505(0.3)
Grizz Gaming1468436(2.7)
Bucks Gaming1468436(3.9)
Mavs Gaming14684362.2
Pacers Gaming14593670.2
*Knicks Gaming (+)1459367(2.9)
Jazz Gaming1459367(3.4)
Warriors Gaming Squad14410298(2.8)
Kings Guard Gaming14410298(5.5)
NBA 2K League 2018 Standings [Reference: 1]

NBA 2K League 2019

*Blazers5 Gaming1614287.510.8
*Mavs Gaming1612475.023.0
*76ers GC1611568.837.7
*T-Wolves Gaming1610662.545.8
Kings Guard Gaming1610662.541.9
*Pacers Gaming1610662.543.3
*Celtics Crossover Gaming1610662.546.7
Grizz Gaming169756.356.1
Magic Gaming169756.353.5
Cavs Legion GC168850.06-4.4
Bucks Gaming168850.064.6
Raptors Uprising GC168850.06-3.8
Jazz Gaming168850.06-1.2
*Warriors Gaming Squad +167943.87-0.1
Wizards District Gaming167943.871.9
Heat Check Gaming1661037.58-5.4
Hawks Talon GC1651131.39-7.6
Knicks Gaming1641225.010-7.2
Lakers Gaming1631318.811-9.0
Pistons GT1621412.512-11.3
NBA 2K League Final Standings 2019 [Reference: 2]
DateWinners Runners-Up Scores
 Playoffs 1    
25.07.201976ers GC2Pacers Gaming055-50, 69-55
25.07.2019T-Wolves Gaming2Kings Guard Gaming064-51, 56-49
24.07.2019Warriors Gaming Squad2Blazer5 Gaming067-45, 61-55
24.07.2019Celtics Crossover Gaming2Mavs Gaming063-55, 68-53
 Playoffs 2    
26.06.2019T-Wolves Gaming2Warriors Gaming Squad071-53, 68-46
26.06.201976ers GC2Celtics Crossover Gaming055-51, 96-59
03.08.2019T-Wolves Gaming376ers GC271-36, 23-70, 56-47, 46-53, 52-35
NBA 2K League Playoffs 2019 [References; 3-4]

Note: * Qualify for Playoffs along with winner of Tournaments (+) / APD = Average Points Differential.


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