Major Indoor Lacrosse League 1987-1990

Major Indoor Lacrosse League Logo [Ref: 3]

MILL 1987

*New Jersey Saints651.8338875
*Philadelphia Wings6332.5008682
*Washington Wave6243.3338397
*Baltimore Thunder6243.3337982
National Lacrosse League 1987 [Ref: 1]
DateHome TeamAway Team
26.02.1987New Jersey Saints9Baltimore Thunder14
08.03.1987Philadelphia Wings15Washington Wave20
1987 MILL Championship Game
21.03.1987Washington Wave10Baltimore Thunder11
National Lacrosse League Playoffs 1987 [Ref: 1]

MILL 1988

*Washington Wave862.750121119
*New Jersey Saints8531.625127112
*Philadelphia Wings8353.3759790
Baltimore Thunder8264.25098122
National Lacrosse League 1988 [Ref: 1]
DateHome TeamAway Team
06.03.1988New Jersey Saints12Philadelphia Wings10
1988 MILL Championship Game
20.03.1988Washington Wave16New Jersey Saints17
National Lacrosse League Playoffs 1988 [Ref: 1]

MILL 1989

*Philadelphia Wings862.75012296
*Detroit Turbos862.75010487
*New York Saints862.75010387
*Baltimore Thunder8442.5009996
New England Blazers8175.12570110
Washington Wave8175.12580102
National Lacrosse League 1989 [Ref: 1]
DateHome TeamAway Team
01.04.1989Detroit Turbos8New York Saints9 (2OT)
1989 MILL Championship Game
07.04.1989Philadelphia Wings11New York Saints10
National Lacrosse League Playoffs 1989 [Ref: 1]

MILL 1990

*New England Blazers862.7509880
*Philadelphia Wings862.7508982
*New York Saints8442.5007778
Baltimore Thunder8442.5009695
Pittsburgh Bulls8353.3758686
Detroit Turbos8175.12589111
National Lacrosse League 1990 [Ref: 1]
DateHome TeamAway Team
1990Philadelphia Wings9New York Saints8
1990 MILL Championship Game
07.04.1990New England Blazers7Philadelphia Wings17
National Lacrosse League Playoffs 1990 [Ref: 1]


The Major Indoor Lacrosse League, known since 1997 as the National Lacrosse League, has become the Major Lacrosse League in North America and the World with teams throughout Canada, and the United States of America. It played its first season in 1987 as the Eagle Pro Box Lacrosse League with four teams: Baltimore Thunder, Philadelphia Wings, Washington Wave and New Jersey Saints. Baltimore Thunder won the first NLL Championship game defeating Washington Wave 11-10.

The League became known as the Major Indoor Lacrosse League in 1988. The second season saw all four teams return, with Washington Wave again the defeated finalists, losing the 1988 NLL Championship Game 17-16 to New Jersey Saints.

All four teams returned for the 1989 season, although the New Jersey Saints relocated to Long Island and became the New York Saints in the process. The four teams were joined by the Detroit Turbos and New England Blazers, from Boston. Philadelphia Wings won the Championship Game 11-10 over the New York Saints.

After the 1989 season the Detroit Turbos sat out the season and were replaced by the expansion Pittsburgh Bulls. The Philadelphia Wings became the first team to repeat as Champions, defeating New England Blazers 17-7 in the 1990 Championship Game.

The League averaged crowds of 9,614 in 1989 and 11,060 in 1990.


The National Lacrosse League is the Major Box or Indoor Lacrosse League in North America and the World. Box Lacrosse is played in an Indoor Arena with 6 players per team, as opposed to 10 for Men’s Lacrosse and 12 for Women’s Lacrosse. It is the National Summer Sport of Canada, and was codified there and played originally by Native Americans in Northeast USA and Eastern Canada. It is still popular among Native Americans, and is the only sport where they can represent their country internationally (the Native American National Team is known as Iroquois Nationals in Men’s Lacrosse and Haudenosaunee in Women’s Lacrosse).


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