National Passball League 1992


Northern Division
*St. Helens Cardinals220082511.000
North West Demons21103758.500
Central Division
*Cannock Chase Giants3300111361.000
*Leicester Broncos32107863.667
Notts Crusaders312074131.333
Sheldon Renegades3030237.000
Southern Division
*Snappy Snap Gators321018752.667
Sussex Raiders3120112155.333
Kent Exiles303023279.000
National Passball League Standings 1992 [Ref: compiled from results in 1-3]

Note: Standings after three of six rounds.

Playoff Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Wild-Card Playoff
1992Snappy Snap GatorsLeicester Broncos
29.11.1992St. Helens Cardinals29Cannock Chase Giants30
29.11.1992Thunderbolts41Snappy Snap Gators39
Passball ’92 Final
1992Thunderbolts/GatorsCannock Chase Giants
National Passball League Playoffs 1992 [Ref: 4-5]

Note: A league invetsigation was launched after the Semi-Final between Thunderbolts and Snappy Snap Gators after it was alleged the Thunderbolts broke the rule of hving no more than 18 players kitted-up for a match. It was to be decided whether they could play in the Final or not.

Regular Season Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
11.10.1992St. Helens Cardinals58North West Demons36
11.10.1992Leicester Broncos1Sheldon Renegades0 #
11.10.1992Cannock Chase Giants68Notts Crusaders20
11.10.1992Snappy Snap Gators25Thunderbolts41
11.10.1992Kent Exiles12Sussex Raiders93
Week 2
18.10.1992North West Demons1Gateshead0 #
18.10.1992Cannock Chase Giants1Sheldon Renegades0 #
18.10.1992Notts Crusaders21Leicester Broncos61
18.10.1992Snappy Snap Gators96Kent Exiles1
18.10.1992Sussex Raiders9Thunderbolts77
Week 3
25.10.1992Gateshead15St. Helens Cardinals27
25.10.1992Leicester Broncos16Cannock Chase Giants42
25.10.1992Sheldon Renegades2Notts Crusaders35
25.10.1992Snappy Snap Gators66Sussex Raiders10
25.10.1992Kent Exiles10Thunderbolts90
National Passball League Regular Season Results 1992 [Ref: 1-3]

Note: three of six weeks results known.


The National Passball League in England expanded to 11 teams for 1992, with the Cannock Chase Giants winning 30-29 in one Semi-Final against St. Helens Cardinals. Defending Champions Thunderbolts defeated Snappy Snap Gators 41-39 in another close Semi-Final, but a League investigation was launched into whether they should be allowed play in the Final after it was alleged they had kitted-up more than the 18 players allowed on gameday.

About Passball

The National Passball League was an Arena-style American Football League in the England, played on a smaller field than a regular American Football field, and with a focus on passing (Passball is played on a 40-yard field with two 8-yard endzones, with five downs or attempts to score, three of which must be passing plays, before the ball is turned over). It is seven-a-side.


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