National Passball League (England) 1991


Eastern Conference
*Cannock Chase Giants6420.667
Southern Conference
*London Gators6330.500
National Passball League Standings 1991 [Ref: compiled from 1-8]


DateHome TeamAway Team
14.12.1991Cannock Chase GiantsLLondon GatorsW
21.12.1991Thunderbolts41London Gators15
National Passball League Playoffs 1991 [Ref: 9-10]

Regular Season Results

DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
19.10.1991Cannock Chase Giants26London Gators12
Week 2
26.10.1991Cambridge70Cannock Chase Giants21
26.10.1991London Gators21Thunderbolts56
Week 3
02.11.1991Exiles0Cannock Chase Giants55
02.11.1991London Gators12Thunderbolts30
Week 4
09.11.1991Broncos18Cannock Chase Giants29
09.11.1991London Gators52Exiles12
Week 5
16.11.1991CambridgescrLondon Gatorsw/o
Week 6
23.11.1991ThunderboltsCannock Chase Giants
23.11.1991BroncosLondon Gators
Week 7
30.11.1991Cannock Chase Giants21Broncos48
30.11.1991Exiles0London Gators80
Week 8
07.12.1991Cannock Chase Giantsw/oCambridgescr
National Passball League Regular Season Results 1991 [Ref: 1-8]


The National Passball League was an Arena-style American Football League in the England, played on a smaller field than a regular American Football field, and with a focus on passing (Passball is played on a 40-yard field with two 8-yard endzones, with five downs or attempts to score, three of which must be passing plays, before the ball is turned over). It is seven-a-side.

Cannock Chase Giants won the Eastern Conference title ahead of Broncos, whilst Cambridge pulled out after two games. In the Southern Conference, Thunderbolts won the Conference title, with London Gators qualifying for the playoffs in second place, and Exiles finishing in third.

The Thunderbolts and London Gators won through to the Final, where the Thunderbolts confirmed their dominance all season, with a 41-15 victory. Thames Valley Chargers star Ez Charles scored three touchdowns, and a three-point pass in the second quarter to put the ‘Bolts in a commanding lead at the half which they never relinquished.

Charles scored on a 31 yard run before finding Kenroy Barnett and Andy Tilbury with 23-yard and 16-yard TD Passes. Tibury got a hat-trick of his own, with a 22-yard TD Pass from Joe Greenidge in the first quarter, and a 32-yard Interception Return to finish off the scoring. Andy Tait linked up with Andy Falconer for two TD Passes for some consolation for the London Gators.

Final – 14 December 1991 – Thunderbolts 41 London Gators 15

London Gators90606
National Passball League Final Box Score – Score 1991 [Ref: 10]
1st Quarter
THUAndy Tilbury 22yd TD pass from Joe Greenidge 6-0
THUKenroy Barnett 4td Run12-0
GATAndy Falconer 30yd Pass from Andy Tait (Falconer 10yd 3XP from Tait)12-9
2nd Quarter
THUEZ Charles 31yd Run18-9
THUSammy Samuels Safety (tackled Tait in Endzone)20-9
THUKenroy Barnett 23yd Pass from Ez Charles (Greenidge 3XP from Charles)29-9
THUAndy Tilbury 16yd Pass from Ez Charles35-9
3rd Quarter
GATAndy Falconer 5yd Pass from Andy Tait35-15
4th Quarter ?
THUAndy Tilbury 32yd Interception Return41-15
Natiional Passball League Final Box Score – Scorers 1991 [Ref: 10]


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