National Sports around the World and State Sports in the USA include a wide variety of team and individual sports, many of which are unknown to most Irish people.

They include the Celtic or Atlantic Sports, such as Basque Pelota, Scottish Shinty, Welsh Baseball (their version of Rounders or Baseball), the Gaelic Football played entirely by locals in villages in Brittany & Galicia, and the non-codified games such as Cornish Hurling & Manx Cammag.

National Sports include Russian Bandy (A version of Ice Hockey with a ball rather than a puck), Finnish Pesapallo (Baseball where players run in zig-zags through bases), Korfball (Dutch version of Basketball where players change from playing defense and offense after two scores by either team). Olympic Handball (Like a cross between Indoor Soccer & Water Polo, played with the hands instead of feet, which is the National sport of Germany). Ringball (A South African version of Basketball) and Kabaddi (one of the National Sports of India) and Sepak Takraw (The National Sport of Malaysia & Thailand).

State Sports include Volleyball & Basketball (both invented in Massachusetts), Ice Hockey (Minnesota), Rodeo (Texas), Dog Mushing (Alaska), Surfing (Hawai’i & California) and Jousting (Maryland).

Global Sports include Hockey (The National Sport of India), Cricket (National Sport of the West Indies & Australia).

Indigeneous Sports include Ulama (A Native Mexican game where players use their hips to propell the ball past their opponents), Stickball (The Choctaw bat & ball game, similar to Baseball, played by the Native Americans in Oklahoma). Marn Grook (The Australian game where players have to keep the ball in the air). 

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