Native American


Stickball is a Native American (Choctaw) sport similar to Baseball.

The Choctaws gave Ireland a consignmentt of grain during the famine as they could identify with the starvation. Taoiseach Leo Varadkar paid the first ever visit by a sitting Taoiseach to the Choctaw Nation on St. Patrick’s Day 2018, and played a bit of Stickball.

Here is an Irish Times article on his visit: [Accessed 27 June 2019]

Ulama-Pok Ta Pok

Native American sports include Native Mexican Sports, such as Ulama (Pok ta Pok) the Native Mexican, Guatemalan and Belize Team Sport which is played with the hips

Ulama Regional Tournament (Mexico, Belize)

Ulama Mesoamerican Ball Game Tournament 2017-2018