Neil O’Donoghue Irish-Born GAA Football, Soccer and NFL American Football Player 1970-1985


O’Donoghue, Cornelius Joseph Dennis

Height: 6’6″ Weight: 210lb

Born: 18 June 1953, Dublin, Ireland

High School:

National Amateur: Dublin Minors [GAA Football][1970]

Semi-Pro: Shamrock Rovers[Soccer][1971-72][1972-73][1973-74]

College: St. Bernard College, Auburn [Soccer 1974] Auburn Tigers [1975][1976]

Pro Football: Buffalo Bills [1977] Tampa Bay Buccaneers [1978][[1979] St. Louis Cardinals [1980][1981][1982][1983][1984][1985]

Draft: 5th Round (127th Overall) 1977 Buffalo Bills

Honours: All-American (Auburn 1976).


Neil O’Donoghue was born in Dublin in 1953 and grew up in Clondalkin, where at the age of 12 he started playing Gaelic Football (GAA) where he excelled, being selected for the Dublin Minor Team which reached the All Ireland Final in 1970, losing to Cork. He switched codes to Soccer, scoring on his debut for Shamrock Rovers in the League of Ireland when was 18. He played 16 games for Rovers, scoring two goals, and gaining a soccer Scholarship to St, Bernard’s Colege, in Alabama, the first Irishman ever to gain a Soccer Scholarship to the USA.

After the College Soccer Programme closed down he transfered to Auburn University, winning the starting Kicker position for the Tigers. In 1976 he won All-American Honours for Auburn, who play in the SEC (South Eastern Conference – traditionally the best in US College Football). He was drafted to the NFL (National Football League) in 1977 by the Buffalo Bills, playing five games before being cut from the roster and picked up by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, where he played two year, turning around a 2-26 record in the first two years of the expansion franchise to a 15-17 record.

He then signed for the St. Louis Cardinals in 1980, where he managed to set the record for points scored in a season for the team which stood for 21 years, but will probably be best remembered by the Cardinals (now Arizona Cardinals) fans for lacking clutch kicking skills, most notably missing three Field Goals in a Playoff match against the New York Giants in 1983, including a 19-yard attempt in overtime which would have won the game for St. Louis. On the last day of the season in 1984 he missed what would have been a game-winning Field Goal in the dying seconds which would have secured a Playoff place. After the 1985 season he retired. He continued to play Senior Football Championship Football for Round Towers GAA in Clondalkin during the NFL off-season.

General Statistics

YearTeam (League) No.PosGPGSPGS
1970Dublin Minors & Round Towers (GAA Football)
1971-72Shamrock Rovers (League of Ireland Soccer)
1972-73Shamrock Rovers (League of Ireland Soccer)
1973-74Shamrock Rovers (League of Ireland Soccer)
1974St. Bernard (NCAA Soccer)
1975Auburn Tigers (NCAAF SEC)
1976Auburn Tigers (NCAAF SEC)
1977Buffalo Bills (NFL)8K5010
1978Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL)6P-K15064
1979Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL)6K16063
1980St. Louis Cardinals (NFL)11K10051
1981St. Louis Cardinals (NFL)11K16093
1982St. Louis Cardinals (NFL)11K8039
1983St. Louis Cardinals (NFL)11K16090
1984St. Louis Cardinals (NFL)11K160117
1985St. Louis Cardinals (NFL)11K8049
3 YearsLeague of Ireland162
9 YearsNFL1100576
[Reference: 4]

Legend: No = Jersey Number, Pos = Position, GP = Games Played, GS = Games Started. K = Kicker, P = Punter. PGS= Points (NFL) or Goals (LoI) Scored.

LOI 1971-72

Waterford (C)262123663544
Cork Hibernians261925701740
Finn Harps261808623436
Shamrock Rovers2612410514028
St. Patrick’s Athletic269710333625
Cork Celtic268711364623
Athlone Town267712405621
Sligo Rovers265417347114
League of Ireland (Soccer) Final Table 1971-72 [Reference: 7]

LOI 1972-73

Waterford (C)262024672142
Finn Harps261934593241
Cork Hibernians251375522633
Shamrock Rovers261268453230
Athlone Town261349383130
St. Patrick’s Athletic267118374325
Sligo Rovers269215255120
Home Farm Drumcondra266713296019
Cork Celtic267415295018
League of Ireland (Soccer) Final Table 1972-73 [Reference: 8]

Note: Drumcondra renamed Home Farm.

LOI 1973-74

Cork Celtic (C)261862502542
Cork Hibernians261664472338
Finn Harps261556512735
Shamrock Rovers2611510313327
St. Patrick’s Athletic2610214294522
Home Farm266812194020
Athlone Town268315253819
Sligo Rovers266218285114
League of Ireland (Soccer) Final Table 1973-74 [Reference: 9]


Alabama Crimson Tide (C)6001.0001110.917
Florida Gators510.833930.750
Georgia Bulldogs510.833930.750
Mississippi Ole Miss Rebels510833650.545
Tennessee Volunteers330.500750.563
Vanderbilt Commodores240.333740.636
Mississippi State Bulldogs141.250641.591
Auburn Tigers141.250362.364
LSU Louisiana State Tigers150.167470.364
Kentucky Wildcats060.000281.227
[Reference: 5]


Georgia Bulldogs (C)510.8331020.833
Kentucky Wildcats420.667840.667
Alabama Crimson Tide520.714930.750
Mississippi State Bulldogs420.667920.818
Florida Gators420.667840..667
Mississippi Ole Miss Rebels340.429560.455
LSU Louisiana State Tigers240.333641.591
Tennessee Volunteers240333650.545
Auburn Tigers240.333380.273
Vanderbilt Commodores060.000290.182
Vanderbilt Commodores[Reference: 6]

NFL 1977

AFC East
Baltimore Colts (D)141040295221.714
Miami Dolphins141040313197.714
New England Patriots14950278217.643
New York Jets143110191300.214
Buffalo Bills143110160313.214
AFC Central
Pittsburgh Steelers (D)14950283243.643
Houston Oilers14860299230.571
Cincinnati Bengals14860238235.571
Cleveland Browns14680269267.429
AFC West
Denver Broncos (D)141220274148.857
Oakland Raiders (P)141130351230.786
San Diego Chargers14770222205.500
Seattle Seahawks14590282373.357
Kansas City Chiefs142120225349.143
NFC East
Dallas Cowboys (D)141220345212.857
Washington Redskins14950196189.643
St. Louis Cardinals14770272287.500
Philadelphia Eagles14590220207.357
New York Giants14590181265.357
NFC Central
Minnesota Vikings (D)14950231227.643
Chicago Bears (P)14950255253.643
Detroit Lions14680183252.429
Green Bay Packers144100134219.286
Tampa Bay Buccaneers142120103223.143
NFC West
Los Angeles Rams (D)141040302146.714
Atlanta Falcons14770179129.500
San Francisco 49ers14590220260.357
New Orleans Saints143110232336.214
[Reference: 1]
DateHome TeamAway Team
AFC Divisional playoff
1977Denver Broncos34Pittsburgh Steelers21
1977Baltimore Colts31Oakland Raiders37 ot
AFC Championship
1977Denver Broncos20Oakland Raiders17
NFC Divisional Playoff
1977Dallas Cowboys37Chicago Bears7
1977Los Angeles Rams7Minnesota Vikings14
NFC Championship
1977Dallas Cowboys23Minnesota Vikings6
Super Bowl XIIAt Superdome, New Orleans, La.
1977Dallas Cowboys (NFC)27Denver Broncos (AFC)10
[Reference: 1]

NFL 1978

AFC East
New England Patriots (D)161150358286.688
Miami Dolphins (P)161150372254.688
New York Jets16880359364.500
Buffalo Bills165110302354.313
Baltimore Colts165110239421.313
AFC Central
Pittsburgh Steelers (D)161420356195.875
Houston Oilers (P)161060283298.625
Cleveland Browns16880334356.500
Cincinnati Bengals164120252284.250
AFC West
Denver Broncos (D)161060282198.625
Oakland Raiders16970311283.563
Seattle Seahawks16970345358.563
San Diego Chargers16970355309.563
Kansas City Chiefs164120243327.250
NFC East
Dallas Cowboys (D)161240384208.750
Philadelphia Eagles (P)16970270250.563
Washington Redskins16880273283.500
St. Louis Cardinals166100248296.375
New York Giants166100264298.375
NFC Central
Minnesota Vikings (D)16871294306.531
Green Bay Packers16871249269.531
Detroit Lions16790290300.438
Chicago Bears16790253274.438
Tampa Bay Buccaneers165110241259.313
NFC West
Los Angeles Rams (C) 161240316245.750
Atlanta Falcons (P)16970240290.563
New Orleans Saints16790281298.438
San Francisco 49ers162140219350.125
[Reference: 1]
DateHome TeamAway Team
AFC First Round Playoff
1978Miami Dolphins9Houston Oilers17
AFC Divisional playoff
1978New England Patriots14Houston Oilers31
1978Pittsburgh Steelers33Denver Broncos10
AFC Championship
1978Pittsburgh Steelers34Houston Oilers5
NFC First Round Playoff
1978Atlanta Falcons14Philadelphia Eagles13
NFC Divisional Playoff
1978Dallas Cowboys27Atlanta Falcons10
1978Los Angeles Rams34Minnesota Vikings10
NFC Championship
1978Los Angeles Rams0Dallas Cowboys28
Super Bowl XIIIAt Orange Bowl, Miami, Fla.
1978Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC)35Dallas Cowboys (NFC)31
[Reference: 1]

NFL 1979

AFC East
Miami Dolphins (D)161060341257.625
New England Patriots16970411326.563
New York Jets16880337383.500
Buffalo Bills16790268279.438
Baltimore Colts165110271351.313
AFC Central
Pittsburgh Steelers (D)161240416262.750
Houston Oilers (P)161150362331.688
Cleveland Browns16970359352.563
Cincinnati Bengals164120337421.250
AFC West
San Diego Chargers (D)161240411246.750
Denver Broncos (P)161060289262.625
Seattle Seahawks16970378372.563
Oakland Raiders16970365337.563
Kansas City Chiefs16790238262.438
NFC East
Dallas Cowboys (D)161150371313.688
Philadelphia Eagles (P)161150339282.688
Washington Redskins161060348295.625
New York Giants166100237323.375
St. Louis Cardinals165110307358.313
NFC Central
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (D)161060273237.625
Chicago Bears (P)161060306249.625
Minnesota Vikings16790259337.438
Green Bay Packers165110246316.313
Detroit Lions162140219365.125
NFC West
Los Angeles Rams (D)16970323309.563
New Orleans Saints16880370360.500
Atlanta Falcons166100300388.375
San Francisco 49ers162140308416.125
[Reference: 1]
DateHome TeamAway Team
AFC First Round Playoff
1979Houston Oilers13Denver Broncos7
AFC Divisional playoff
1979San Diego Chargers14Houston Oilers17
1979Pittsburgh Steelers34Miami Dolphins14
AFC Championship
1979Pittsburgh Steelers27Houston Oilers13
NFC First Round Playoff
1979Philadelphia Eagles27Chicago Bears17
NFC Divisional Playoff
1979Tampa Bay Buccaneers24Philadelphia Eagles17
1979Dallas Cowboys19Los Angeles Rams21
NFC Championship
1979Tampa Bay Buccaneers0Los Angeles Rams9
Super Bowl XIVAT Rose Bowl, Pasadena, Ca.
1979Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC)31Los Angeles Rams (NFC)19
[Reference: 1]

NFL 1980

AFC East
Buffalo Bills (D)161150320260.688
New England Patriots161060441325.625
Miami Dolphins16880266305.500
Baltimore Colts16790355387.438
New York Jets164120302395.250
AFC Central
Cleveland Browns (D)161150357310.688
Houston Oilers (P)161150295251.688
Pittsburgh Steelers16970352313.438
Cincinnati Bengals166100244312.375
AFC West
San Diego Chargers (D)161150418327.688
Oakland Raiders (P)161150364306.688
Kansas City Chiefs16880319336.500
Denver Broncos16880310323.500
Seattle Seahawks164120291408.250
NFC East
Philadelphia Eagles (D)161240384222.750
Dallas Cowboys (P)161240454311.750
Washington Redskins166100261293.375
St. Louis Cardinals165110299350.313
New York Giants164120249425.250
NFC Central
Minnesota Vikings (D)16970317308.563
Detroit Lions16970334272.563
Chicago Bears16790304264.438
Tampa Bay Buccaneers165101271341.344
Green Bay Packers165101231371.344
NFC West
Atlanta Falcons (D)161240405272.750
Los Angeles Rams (P)161150424289.688
San Francisco 49ers166100320415.375
New Orleans Saints161150291487.063
[References: 1]
DateHome TeamAway Team
AFC First Round Playoff
1980Oakland Raiders27Houston Oilers7
AFC Divisional Playoffs
1980San Diego Chargers20Buffalo Bills14
1980Cleveland Browns12Oakland Raiders14
AFC Championship
1980San Diego Chargers27Oakland Raiders34
NFC First Round Playoffs
1980Dallas Cowboys34Los Angeles Rams13
NFC Divisional Playoffs
1980Philadelphia Eagles31Minnesota Vikings16
1980Atlanta Falcons27Dallas Cowboys30
NFC Championship
1980Philadelphia Eagles20Dallas Cowboys7
Super Bowl XVAt SuperDome, New Orleans
1980Oakland Raiders (AFC)27Philadelphia Eagles (NFC)10
[Reference: 1]

NFL 1981

AFC East
Miami Dolphins (D)161141345275.719
New York Jets (P)161051355287.656
Buffalo Bills (P)161060311276.688
Baltimore Colts162140259533.188
New England Patriots162140322370.188
AFC Central
Cincinnati Bengals (D)161240421304.750
Pittsburgh Steelers16880356297.500
Houston Oilers16790281355.438
Cleveland Browns165110276375.313
AFC West
San Diego Chargers (D)161060478390.625
Denver Broncos161060321289.625
Kansas City Chiefs16970343290.563
Oakland Raiders16790273343.438
Seattle Seahawks166100322388.375
NFC East
Dallas Cowboys (D)161240367277.625
Philadelphia Eagles (P)161060368221.625
New York Giants (P)16970295257.563
Washington Redskins16880347349.500
St. Louis Cardinals16790315408.438
NFC Central
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (D)16970315268.563
Detroit Lions16880397322.500
Green Bay Packers16880324361.500
Minnesota Vikings16790325369.438
Chicago Bears166100253324.375
NFC West
San Francisco 49ers161330357250.813
Atlanta Falcons16790426356.438
Los Angeles Rams166100303351.375
New Orleans Saints164120207378.250
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DateHome TeamAway Team
AFC First Round Playoff
181New York Jets27Buffalo Bills31
AFC Divisional Playoffs
1981Miami Dolphins38San Diego Chargers41 ot
1981Cincinnati Bengals28Buffalo Bills21
AFC Championship
1981Cincinnati Bengals27San Diego Chargers7
NFC First Round Playoffs
1981Philadelphia Eagles21New York Giants27
NFC Divisional Playoffs
1981Dallas Cowboys38Tampa Bay Buccaneers0
1981San Francisco 49ers38New York Giants24
NFC Championship
1981San Francisco 49ers28Dallas Cowboys27
Super Bowl XVIAt Silverdome, Pontiac, Mich.
1981San Francisco 49ers (NFC)26Cincinnati Bengals (AFC)21
[Reference: 1]

NFL 1982

Los Angeles Raiders (P)9810260200.889
Miami Dolphins (P)9720198131.778
Cincinnati Bengals (P)9720232172.778
Pittsburgh Steelers (P)9630204146.667
San Diego Chargers (P)9630288221.667
New York Jets (P)9630245166.667
New England Patriots (P)9540143157.556
Cleveland Browns (P)9450140182.444
Buffalo Bills9450150154.444
Seattle Seahawks9450127147.444
Kansas City Chiefs9360178184.333
Denver Broncos9270148226.222
Houston Oilers9180136245.111
Baltimore Colts9081113236.056
Washington Redskins (P)9810190128.889
Dallas Cowboys (P)9630226145.667
Green Bay Packers (P)9531226169.611
Minnesota Vikings (P)9540187198.556
Atlanta Falcons (P)9540183199.556
St. Louis Cardinals (P)9540135170.556
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (P)9540158178.556
Detroit Lions (P)9450181176.444
New Orleans Saints9450129180.444
New York Giants9450164160.444
San Francisco 49ers9360209208.333
Chicago Bears9360141174.333
Philadelphia Eagles9360191195.333
Los Angeles Rams9270200250.222
[References: 1]
DateHome TeamAway Team
AFC First Round Playoff
1982Miami Dolphins28New England Patriots13
1982Los Angeles Raiders27Cleveland Browns10
1982Cincinnati Bengals10Los Angeles Raiders27
1982Pittsburgh Steelers28San Diego Chargers31
AFC Divisional Playoffs
1982Los Angeles Raiders14New York Jets17
1982Miami Dolphins34San Diego Chargers13
AFC Championship
1982Miami Dolphins14New York Jets0
NFC First Round Playoffs
1982Washington Redskins31Detroit Lions7
1982Green Bay Packers41St. Louis Cardinals16
1982Minnesota Vikings30Atlanta Falcons24
1982Dallas Cowboys30Tampa Bay Buccaneers17
NFC Divisional Playoffs
1982Washington Redskins21Minnesota Vikings7
1982Dallas Cowboys37Green Bay Packers26
NFC Championship
1982Washington Redskins31Dallas Cowboys17
Super Bowl XVIIAt Rose Bowl, Pasadena, Ca.
1982Washington Redskins (NFC)27Miami Dolphins (AFC)17
[Reference: 1]

NFL 1983

AFC East
Miami Dolphins (C)161240389250.750
New England Patriots16880274289.500
Buffalo Bills16880283351.500
Baltimore Colts16790264354.438
New York Jets16790313331.438
AFC Central
Pittsburgh Steelers (D)161060355303.625
Cleveland Browns 16970356342.563
Cincinnati Bengals16790346302.438
Houston Oilers162140288460.125
AFC West
Los Angeles Raiders (D)161240442338.750
Seattle Seahawks (P)16970403397.563
Denver Broncos (P)16970302327.563
San Diego Chargers166100358462.375
Kansas City Chiefs166100386367.375
NFC East
Washington Redskins (D)161420541332.875
Dallas Cowboys (P)161240479360.750
St. Louis Cardinals16871374428.531
Philadelphia Eagles165110233322.313
New York Giants163121267347.219
NFC Central
Detroit Lions (D)16970347286.563
Green Bay Packers16880429439.500
Chicago Bears16880311301.500
Minnesota Vikings16880316348.500
Tampa Bay Buccaneers162140241360.125
NFC West
San Francisco 49ers (D)161060432293.625
Los Angeles Rams (P)16970361344.563
New Orleans Saints16880319337.500
Atlanta Falcons16790370389.438
[Reference: 1]
DateHome TeamAway Team
AFC First Round Playoff
1983Seattle Seahawks31Denver Broncos7
AFC Divisional playoff
1983Miami Dolphins20Seattle Seahawks27
1983Los Angeles Raiders38Pittsburgh Steelers10
AFC Championship
1983Los Angeles Raiders30Seattle Seahawks14
NFC First Round Playoff
1983Dallas Cowboys17Los Angeles Rams24
NFC Divisional Playoff
1983San Francisco 49ers24Detroit Lions23
1983Washington Redskins51Los Angeles Rams7
NFC Championship
1983Washington Redskins24San Francisco 49ers21
Super Bowl XVIIIAt Tampa Stadium, Fla.
1983Los Angeles Raiders (AFC)38Washington Redskins (NFC)9
[Reference: 1]

NFL 1984

AFC East
Miami Dolphins (D)161420513298.875
New England Patriots16970362352.563
New York Jets16790332364.438
Indianapolis Colts164120239414.250
Buffalo Bills162140250454.125
AFC Central
Pittsburgh Steelers (D)16970387310.563
Cincinnati Bengals16880339339.500
Cleveland Browns165110250297.313
Houston Oilers163130240437.188
AFC West
Denver Broncos (D)161330353241.813
Seattle Seahawks (P)161240418282.750
Los Angeles Raiders (P)161150368278.688
Kansas City Chiefs16880314324.500
San Diego Chargers16790394413.438
NFC East
Washington Redskins (D)161150426310.688
New York Giants (P)16970299301.563
St. Louis Cardinals16970423345.563
Dallas Cowboys16970306308.563
Philadelphia Eagles16691278380.406
NFC Central
Chicago Bears (D)161060325246.625
Green Bay Packers16880390309.500
Tampa Bay Buccaneers166100335380.375
Detroit Lions164111283408.281
Minnesota Vikings163130276484.188
NFC West
San Francisco 49ers (D)161510475227.938
Los Angeles Rams (P)161060346315.625
New Orleans Saints16790298361.438
Atlanta Falcons164120281382.250
[Reference: 1]
DateHome TeamAway Team
AFC First Round Playoff
1984Seattle Seahawks13Los Angeles Raiders7
AFC Divisional playoff
1984Miami Dolphins31Seattle Seahawks10
1984Denver Broncos17Pittsburgh Steelers24
AFC Championship
1984Miami Dophins45Pittsburgh Steelers28
NFC First Round Playoff
1984Los Angeles Rams13New York Giants16
NFC Divisional Playoff
1984San Francisco 49ers21New York Giants10
1984Washington Redskins19Chicago Bears23
NFC Championship
1984San Francisco 49ers38Chicago Bears0
Super Bowl XIXAt Stanford Stadium, Ca.
1984San Francisco 49ers (NFC)38Miami Dolphins (AFC)16
[Reference: 1]

NFL 1985

AFC East
Miami Dolphins (D)161240428320.750
New York Jets(P)161150393264.688
New England Patriots161150362290.688
Indianapolis Colts165110320386.313
Buffalo Bills162140200381.125
AFC Central
Cleveland Browns (D)16880287294.500
Cincinnati Bengals16790441437.438
Pittsburgh Steelers16790379355.438
Houston Oilers165110284412.313
AFC West
Los Angeles Raiders (D)161240354308.750
Denver Broncos161150380329.688
Seattle Seahawks16880349303.500
San Diego Chargers16880467435.500
Kansas City Chiefs166100317360.375
NFC East
Dallas Cowboys (D)161060357333.625
New York Giants (P)161060399283.625
Washington Redskins161060297312.625
Philadelphia Eagles16790286310.438
St. Louis Cardinals165110278414.313
NFC Central
Chicago Bears161510456198.938
Green Bay Packers16880337355.500
Minnesota Vikings16790346359.438
Detroit Lions16790307366.438
Tampa Bay Buccaneers162140294448.125
NFC West
Los Angeles Rams (D)161150340277.688
San Francisco 49ers (P)161060411263.625
New Orleans Saints165110294401.313
Atlanta Falcons164120282452.250
[Reference: 1]
DateHome TeamAway Team
AFC First Round Playoff
1985New York Jets14New England Patriots26
AFC Divisional playoff
1985Miami Dolphins24Cleveland Browns21
1985Los Angeles Raiders20New England Patriots27
AFC Championship
1985Miami Dolphins14New England Patriots21
NFC First Round Playoff
1985New York Giants17San Francisco 49ers3
NFC Divisional Playoff
1985Los Angeles Rams20Dallas Cowboys0
1985Chicago Bears24Los Angeles Rams0
NFC Championship
1985Chicago Bears24Los Angeles Rams0
Super Bowl XIIAt Superdome, New Orleans, La.
1985Chicago Bears (NFC)46New England Patriots (AFC)10
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