Non-FIFA Soccer

Non-FIFA Football

CONIFA (the Confederation of Independent Football Associations) is the governing body for non-FIFA recognised countries, Small Island Nations, Minority Regions within FIFA-recognised Countries, and Breakaway Republics. CONIFA’s Primary Competition is the CONIFA World Cup.



CONIFA (Federation of Independent Football Federations)

CONIFA World Football Cup (Editions): 2018

CONIFA World Football Cup Africa Qualifying (Editions): 2018

CONIFA European Football Cup (Editions): 2017

NF-Board (New Federation Board)

VIVA World Cup (Editions): 2006

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CSANF (South American Council of New Federations)


The CSANF (the Regional Body for Non-FIFA Football in South America) was founded in 2007 for the promotion of sport and culture for Nations, Islands, Communities, Territories and Minorities that are not members of FIFA. As part of the CSANF, CONADI & ANPO (National Association of Indigineous Peoples) organised the first National Championship of Indigineous Peoples in Chile in 2012.

CONADI / ANPO National Soccer Championship of Native Peoples in Chile (Seasons): 2012

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IIGA (International Island Games Association)


The International Island Games Association held its Inaugural Games on the Isle of Man in 1985. Initially just between 7 islands in Norway and the United Kingdom, the International Island Games Association has grown to include members as far away as Aland Islands (Finland), Bermuda (North Atlantic), Greenland (Arctic) and Gibraltar (Mediterranean). It holds the IIGA Island Games every second year, including events in many of the sports, both individual and team, that the Summer Olympic Games holds.

IIGA Island Games Football (Editions): 1985

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Other Soccer Nations and States

Vatican City State;

The Vatican City State is neither a member of FIFA or CONIFA, and has played members of both. It runs an 8-team National League, with a blue card in addition to the red and yellow cards for persistent fouling where players spend five minutes in the sinbin. Anyone who lives in the State is eligible for the National Team. It has a Women’s Team as well as a Men’s National team.

Vatican City Football 1972-Present (Non-CONIFA and Non-FIFA, has played both CONIFA and FIFA countries).

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