North American Gridiron Leagues

Canadian Football is as old as American Football and the Canadian Football League split away from the Canadian Rugby Union (as Canadian Football was known at the time) in 1958 and formed its own professional league. It differs from American Football in that the field is bigger (110 yards long with two 20 yard endzones as opposed to 100 yards long with two 15 yard endzones) and there are 12 players on the field compered with 11 for American Football. There are also scoring differences, such as the “Rouge” – 1 Point scored for a kick which goes out the back of the endzone – this doesn’t exist in American Football.

Mexican American Football follows the same rules as American Football and Leagues have been in existence since the ONEFA College League in the 1930s. Pro Leagues are more recent in Mexico, with the LFA Mexico the current example.

The XFL was first started by Vince McMahon (Owner of the World Wrestling Entertainment) in 2001 after he was refused a license for a Canadian Football League team. It deviates from the standard rules of American Football significantly and is coming back for a second attempt in 2020.

Gridiron Development Football Leagues are a new development in American Football, whereby players aren’t paid, thus allowing them to retain College Eligibilty. Thus those who failed to get a College Scholarship to one of the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association – the big Colleges with enough money for a Football program)  can continue to play Football while enrolling in Private Colleges. This then gives them a chance to not only play Football after High School (A rarity in America) but also to give them a chance to go on to play Pro or enter Higher Education. It is designed for players whose High School Development was slower than mainstream College Players.

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