Prospect Pumas Two-Touch Junior American Football Team 1986[Picture Credit: Andrew Wilson]

Northern Ireland American Football Association Unkitted Junior League 1986


Bangor Buccaneers (C)77001.000
Belfast Blitzers2110.500
Jordanstown Jaguars11001.000
Belfast Spartans20202270.000
Aldergrove Hawks20202253.000
Ballymena Wolfhounds
Prospect Pumas
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DateHome TeamAway Team
20.07.1986Belfast Blitzers53Aldergrove Hawks22
24.08.1986Belfast Spartans22Bangor Buccaneers40
01.09.1986Aldergrove HawksLBangor BuccaneersW
1986Jordanstown JaguarsWBelfast BlitzersL
Belfast Spartans0Bangor Buccaneers30

Reference: [1-4]

Home Venues:

TeamHome Venue
Belfast SpartansMusgrave Park, Belfast
Bangor Buccaneers
Belfast Blitzers

Reference: [1-4]


Bangor Buccaneers won the 1986 Northern Ireland American Football Association Junior League which appears to have been a contact unkitted adult league operating as a second tier or division with the NIAFA. Five teams are known to have taken part in this competition: Bangor Buccaneers, Belfast Blitzers, Jordanstown Jaguars, Aldergrove Hawks and Belfast Spartans, with Ballymena Wolfhounds and Prospect Pumas also possible teams to have taken part.

Prospect Pumas Two-Touch Junior American Football Team 1986[Picture Credit: Andrew Wilson]
Prospect Pumas Two-Touch Junior American Football Team 1986 [Picture Credit: Andrew Wilson]

Junior Two-Touch American Football (1986-1991)

From 1986 to 1991, before Flags were brought in, there were a number of Junior Two-Touch Leagues organised by regional development bodies, such as the East Coast Junior Football Association (Greater Dublin Area) from 1986 to 1987, and the Northern Ireland Junior American League which ran from 1988 to 1990, when it became fully kitted. In 1991, a Junior Two-Touch American Football Blitz took place in Tymon Park, Tallaght. These Leagues were Two-Touch, although it was only the ball carrier who had to be touched twice in order to tackle him, all other positions were full contact (i.e. Blocking etc.) [References: 8]



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