Ohio High School Football 1904


Merit Table
Findlay High65011.000
Oberlin High43011.000
Oberlin Academy32011.000
Mansfield High6420.667
Kenton High3210.667
Delaware High3111.500
Ravenna High3111.500
Fostoria High6231.400
Oberlin High3120.333
Sandusky High3021.000
Limited Schedule Table
Elyria High22001.000
East High11001.000
Galion High11001.000
Haggerty’s Colts11001.000
Lima High11001.000
Tiffin High11001.000
Toledo High11001.000
West High11001.000
Crestline High2110.500
Kenton High2110.500
Mansfield High 2nds2110.500
New London High2110.500
Canton High1001.500
Columbus High1001.500
Defiance High1001.500
Rayen High1001.500
Wellington High1001.500
Wooster High1001.500
Salem High2011.000
Wellington High1011.000
Bellefontaine High1010.000
Bluffton High1010.000
Bowling Green1010.000
Bucyrus High1010.000
Erie High1010.000
Marion High1010.000
Norwalk High1010.000
Shelby High1010.000
Mt. Vernon High2020.000
Ohio High School Football 1904 [Reference: Compiled from 1-9]


DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
09.10.1904Kenyon MA6Mansfield High0
09.10.1904Delaware High0Columbus High0
09.10.1904Oberlin High36Wellington High0
09.10.1904Salem High0Wooster High0
09.10.1904Kenton High5Bellefontaine High0
09.10.1904Fostoria High0Sandusky High0
09.10.1904Ravenna High0Canton High0
Week 2
16.10.1904Tiffin High5Sandusky High0
16.10.1904Wellington High0New London High0
Week 3
23.10.1904Elyria High38Baldwin University0
23.10.1904Mansfield High18Delaware High0
23.10.1904Mansfield High 2nds6Crestline High0
23.10.1904Findlay High28Sandusky High15
23.10.1904Ravenna High27Salem High0
23.10.1904Fostoria High10Shelby High0
23.10.1904Galion High11Bucyrus High0
Week 4
30.10.1904Oberlin Academy0Rayen High0
30.10.1904Elyria High11Oberlin High0
30.10.1904Mansfield High53Vernon High0
30.10.1904Lima High17Bluffton High0
30.10.1904Fostoria High41Bowling Green0
30.10.1904Findlay High6Defiance High6
30.10.1904New London High5Norwalk High0
Week 5
06.11.1904Oberlin Academy21Kenyon Military16
06.11.1904Mansfield High10Fostoria High0
06.11.1904Delaware High29Mt. Vernon High0
06.11.1904Findlay High22Kenton High0
06.11.1904Haggerty’s Colts6Oberlin High0
06.11.1904Crestline High11Mansfield High 2nds0
Week 6
13.11.1904Kenton High11Marion High0
13.11.1904Findlay High12Fostoria High0
Week 7
20.11.1904Oberlin Academy19Erie High0
20.11.1904Toledo High29Mansfield High0
20.11.1904Findlay High4Fostoria High0
20.11.1904East High28Central5
20.11.1904West High18Shaw0
Ohio High School Football 1904 [Reference: Compiled from 1-9]


The Ohio High School Football season of 1904 included one match with a team called Haggerty’s Colts, which was possibly an Irish Youth Club or School Team. The Colts defeated Oberlin High 6-0.

At the time American Football was still known as Gridiron due the way the pitch was marked out in a grid-like pattern and the Ohio League in Professional Football was the top League in America, although it did not yet rival College Football in terms of talent and crowd draw.

Players frequently played for High Schools, Colleges and Pro Teams in the same season, as there were no rules governing player transfers or Official Governing Bodies for any grade.



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Thanks to Sean Douglas of the Dublin Rebels (Irish American Football League).

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