Ohio League 1915-1919 (Irish Players)

OL 1915

Evanston North Ends7610.857
Dayton Gym-Cadets9711.833
Detroit Heralds9711.833
Fort Wayne Friars9711.833
Wabash AA9711.833
Toledo Maroons11722.727
Canton Bulldogs7520.714
Cincinnati Celts7412.714
Massillon Tigers7520.714
Columbus Panhandles12831.708
Detroit Mack Park Maroons9432.556

Reference: [1]

Note: No Clear Winner

OFL 1916

*Canton Bulldogs10901.950
Dayton Triangles10910.900
Fort Wayne Friars10811.850
Massillon Tigers10712.800
Cleveland Indians11821.773
Pine Village13922.769
Hammond Clabbys13940.692
Toledo Maroons11731.682
Wabash AA10631.650
Youngstown Patricians11740.636
Columbus Panhandles12750.583
Cincinnati Celts10541.550
Detroit Heralds11650.545
Pitcairn Quakers14770.500

Reference: [2]

Bob Nash, E-T, Who was born in Collinstown, Co. Meath, played End & Tackle for the Massillon Tigers from 1916. [7]

OL 1917

*Canton Bulldogs10910.900
Detroit Heralds10820.800
Dayton Triangles8620.750
Akron Pros8620.750
Pine Village AC9621.722
Hammond Clabbys10730.700
Massillon Tigers8530.625
Fort Wayne Friars9531.611
Youngstown Patricians7430.571
Pitcairn Quakers12651.542
Cincinnati Celts8233.438
Wabash AA9351.389
Columbus Panhandles9360.333
Toledo Maroons10370.300

Reference: [3]

Bob Nash, E-T, Who was born in Collinstown, Co. Meath, played End & Tackle for the Massillon Tigers in 1917. [7]

OL 1918

*Dayton Triangles88001.000
Detroit Heralds8620.750
Hammond Clabbys4220.500

Reference: [4]

OL 1919

*Canton Bulldogs10901.950
Rock Island Independents11911.863
Fort Wayne War Vets7511.786
Dayton Triangles8521.688
Cleveland Tigers9522.667
Massillon Tigers10631.650
Toledo Maroons8422.625
Pitcairn Quakers9540.556
Hammond All-Stars10433.550
Akron Indians10550.500
Pine Village AC6222.500
Columbus Panhandles10361.350
Detroit Heralds7142.214
Cincinnati Celts7052.143

Reference: [5]

Bob Nash, E-T, Who was born in Collinstown, Co. Meath, played End & Tackle for the Massillon Tigers in 1919. [7]


The Ohio League of 1903-1919 was the focus of Pro Football during the Pre-NFL era (1920-onwards). Most of the top Pro teams in the country played in an informal league in and around the state, although no formal league structure was organised. Bob “Nasty” Nash, who was born in Collinstown, Co. Meath, Ireland, played for the Massillon Tigers from 1916-1919. [6-8]

After the 1919 season, concerned about spiralling wages and players jumping from one team to another looking for the biggest pay-packet, the four leading teams: Akron Pros, Canton Bulldogs, Cleveland Indians & Dayton Triangles, met in Canton to form a formal League, inviting teams from the New York & Pennsylvania area to join also, leading to the formation of the American Professional Football Associatin, which in 1921 changed its name to the National Football League. [6; 8]


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