Ohio League (American Football) 1904

Final Standings

Merit Table
Massillon Tigers77001.000
Shelby AC10811.889
Akron AC
Other Teams
Columbus Panhandles22001.000
Columbus Barracks
Franklin AC (Cleveland)
Lorrain AA
Lima AA
Canton Crescents
Crestline AA
Mansfield AA
Cuyahoga Falls
Akron North Ends
Western Pennsylvania Teams
Canal Dover Giants
Pittsburgh Lyceum
Sharon Buhl Club
Ohio League (American Football) 1904 [Reference: 1-8]


DateHome TeamAway Team
24.09.1904Massillon Tigers57Canal Dover Giants (W.PA)0
07.10.1904Massillon Tigers56Franklin AC (Cleveland)6
09.10.1904Columbus Panhandles32Columbus Barracks0
09.10.1904Lorrain AA54Fremont0
09.10.1904Shelby AC48Akron 2nds0
09.10.1904Heidelberg University85Lima AA0
16.10.1904Massillon Tigers148Marion0
16.10.1904Columbus Panhandles21All-Stars0
15.10.1904Shelby AC29Marion0
23.10.1904Massillon Tigers44Lyceum AC (Pittsburgh, PA)0
23.10.1904Royals0Canton Crescents0
30.10.1904Akron AC0Shelby AC0
05.11.1904Massillon Tigers28Shelby AC0
13.11.1904Massillon Tigers63Sharon Buhl Club (PA)0
13.11.1904Shelby AC32Lorrain AC0
13.11.1904Crestline AA33Mansfield AA0
13.11.1904Franklin AC10Cuyahoga Falls0
20.11.1904Cuyahoga Falls6Akron North Ends0
20.11.1904Massillon Tigers6Akron AC5


Massillon Tigers won the Ohio League Championship in 1904 with a 7-0-0 record (Wins-Losses-Ties), triumphing 6-5 in darkness in the Final game on Thanksgiving as the Akron Athletic Club’s kicker’s attempts to tie the scores with a last-minute conversion failed from a difficult angle. Akron had scored a touchdown (then worth five points) in the dying seconds despite the Massillon players protests that the scorer had been carried over the line, or that there was an illegal forward pass earlier in the move.

Massillon had racked up huge wins against the other opposition, including a 148-0 win over Marion, which consisted of 26 touchdowns and 18 extra-point kicks. The match on thanksgiving against Akron was the unofficial Championship game, and a tie would have ensured a share of the Championship for Akron.

Massillon Tigers, Shelby AC and Akron AC had on their squads at least half their players who were full-time paid professionals, as the Ohio League moved to full professionalism for the first time. Matches were also played against teams from Western Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh Area) that also provided Professional, or Semi-Professional Football Teams.



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Thanks to Sean Douglas of the Dublin Rebels (Irish American Football League).

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