ONEFA Liga Mayor Conferencia de los 10 Grandes Standings and Playoffs 1991-1995

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ONEFA Liga Mayor 10 Grandes 1991

ONEFA Liga Mayor Conferencia de los 10 Grandes 1991

PosTeamWLTPctPFPANet Pts
1Condores UNAM9001.00024194147
2Águilas Blancas IPN7200.77822469155
3Borregos-ITESM Monterrey7200.778246128118
4Tigres UANL7200.77821414866
5Osos UNAM5400.5561761706
6Centinelas CGP3600.333188203-15
7Cherokees AC3600.33394188-94
8Panteras Negras UAM2700.222128163-35
9Aguilas Reales UNAM2700.222130256-126
10Politecnico Blanco0900.000130256-126

ONEFA Liga Mayor Conferencia de los 10 Grandes Playoffs 1991

ONEFA Liga Mayor 10 Grandes 1992

ONEFA Liga Mayor Conferencia de los 10 Grandes 1992

PosTeamWLTPctPFPANet Pts
1Borregos-ITESM Monterrey8100.88924071169
2Centinelas CGP7200.77819990109
3Águilas Blancas IPN6300.66719313855
4Aztecas UDLA6300.66716214022
5Osos UNAM5400.556139150-11
6Condores UNAM4500.44411810810
7Tigres UANL4500.44497166-69
8Aguilas Reales UNAM3600.33397231-134
9Panteras Negras UAM1800.11183158-75
10Cherokees AC1800.11192168-76

ONEFA Liga Mayor Conferencia de los 10 Grandes Playoffs 1992

ONEFA Liga Mayor 10 Grandes 1993

ONEFA Liga Mayor Conferencia de los 10 Grandes 1993

PosTeamWLTPctPFPANet Pts
1Borregos-ITESM Monterrey8100.889328123205
2Aztecas UDLA8100.88929498196
3Águilas Blancas IPN6300.66720312182
4Condores UNAM6300.66719516134
5Centinelas CGP5400.556154176-22
6Osos UNAM4500.444190229-39
7Cherokees AC3600.333100249-149
8Tigres UANL2700.222156215-59
9Borregos ITESM-Laguna2700.222132201-69
10Aguilas Reales UNAM1800.11194273-179

ONEFA Liga Mayor Conferencia de los 10 Grandes Playoffs 1993

ONEFA Liga Mayor 10 Grandes 1994

ONEFA Liga Mayor Conferencia de los 10 Grandes 1994

PosTeamWLTPctPFPANet Pts
1Águilas Blancas IPN8100.889300133167
2Aztecas UDLA8100.88922915574
3Borregos-ITESM Monterrey7200.77823514590
4Condores UNAM6300.66718511768
5Borregos ITESM-Laguna4500.444166191-25
6Osos UNAM4500.444159220-61
7Pieles Rojas IPN3600.333134166-32
8Tigres UANL3600.33397191-94
9Centinelas CGP2700.222178195-17
10Cherokees AC0900.00087257-170

ONEFA Liga Mayor Conferencia de los 10 Grandes Playoffs 1994

ONEFA Liga Mayor 10 Grandes 1995

ONEFA Liga Mayor Conferencia de los 10 Grandes 1995

PosTeamWLTPctPFPANet Pts
1Águilas Blancas IPN8100.889315180135
2Aztecas UDLA8100.889261142119
3Borregos-ITESM Monterrey7200.77823358175
4Condores UNAM6300.667215109106
5Pieles Rojas IPN5400.55617214626
6Osos UNAM4500.444172187-15
7Centinelas CGP3600.333137214-77
8Tigres UANL3600.333100261-161
9Borregos ITESM-Laguna1800.11165220-155
10Panteras Negras UAM0900.000130283-153

ONEFA Liga Mayor Conferencia de los 10 Grandes Playoffs 1995

Match Day Semi-Finals
19 - 22

Aguilas Blancas IPN vs Condores UNAM

7 - 6

Aztecas UDLA vs Borregos-ITESM Monterrey

Match Day Finale 10 Grandes
(Finale 10 Grandes)
43 - 13

Aztecas UDLA vs Condores UNAM


Condores UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México) were the inaugural champions of the new Conferencia Diez Grandes winning 41-16 in the Finale versus Borregos Salvajes ITESM-Monterrey (ITESM-Monterrey White Rams). The Condores had gone through the regular season with a perfect 9-0 record.

The 1992 season saw ITESM-Monterrey shocked in the Semi-Finals 3-33 by Aguilas Blancas IPN (Instituto Politecnico Nuevo) as the White Eagles went on to defeat Centinelas IGP 17-13 in the Finale.

Borregos ITESM-Monterrey regained the title in 1993 with a 20-13 victory over Aguilas Blancas IPN in the Finale after topping the regular season standings for the third year in succession.

The Rams repeated in 1994, although only after being knocked off the top of the standings by Aztecas UDLA (Puebla) who were defeated by the Rams 17-10 in the Finale.

Aztecas got revenge in 1995, however, defeating ITESM-Monterrey 7-6 in a close Semi-Final before triumphing 43-13 over Condores UNAM in the Finale. Condores had defeated Aguilas Blancas IPN, the Regular Season Champions, 22-19 in the Semi-Finals.

About ONEFA Liga Mayor Conferencia de los 10 Grandes

The ONEFA College Football Championship is one of the highlights of the Mexican American Football season, and was considered the National Championship from 1933 until recently, with challengers both the breakaway CONADEIP College League (2013 onwards) and the Liga Football Americano Profesional (LFA Mexico), a Major Pro League (2016 onwards).

There are a number of different eras in the ONEFA Championship, with UNAM Pumas and Condores UNAM the most successful teams. The Conferencia Diez Grandes (Big 10 Conference) was established in 1991, a level about the Conferencia Nacional (National Conference). It lasted until 2000 when the National Conference was merged with the Big 10 and divided into three regional Conferences with Quarter-Finals to Final Playoffs.



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