ONEFA (Mexican College Football) National Conference Champions 1981-2008

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1981Lobos Plateados ESIA IPN
1982Ola Verde UPIISCA IPN
1983Osos Acatlán UNAM
1984Ola Verde UPIISCA IPN
1985Panteras Negras UAM (Metropolitan)
1986Borregos Salvajes Monterrey ITESM
1987Borregos Salvajes Monterrey ITESM
1988Borregos Salvajes Monterrey ITESM / Zorros ITQ (Querétaro)
1989Cherokees AC
1990Centinelas CGP
1991Aztecas UDLAP (Puebla)
1992Borregos Salvajes Laguna ITESM
1993Pieles Rojas IPN
1994Panteras Negras UAM (Metropolitan)
1995Guerros Aztecas UNAM
1996Borregos Salvajes CEM-ITESM (Estado de México)
1997Borregos Salvajes Toluca ITESM
1998Lobos UAdeC (Coahuila)
1999Pumas Acatlán UNAM
2000Águilas UACH (Chichuahua)
2001Lobos UAdeC (Coahuila) / Potros ITSON (Sonora)
2002Lobos UAdeC (Coahuila) / Frailes Tepeyac
2003Pumas Acatlán UNAM
2004Águilas UACH (Chichuahua)
2005Linces Ciudad de México IVM
2006Borregos Salvajes “B” ITESM
2007Burros Blancos Zacatenco IPN
2008Águilas UACH (Chichuahua)
ONEFA (Mexican College Football) National Conference Champions 1981-2008 [Reference: 2]


Pumas Acatlán UNAM from Naucalpan near Mexico City in Estado de México (Mexico State), where the Irish Institute is based, won the ONEFA National Conference Championship in 1999 and 2003. Osos Acatlán UNAM won the National Conference title in 1983. The National Conference Champion went on to meet the Big 10 (Metropolitan – Mexico City) Champions for the ONEFA National Championship in Mexican College Football between 1981 and 2008, although only Lobos UAdeC (Coahuila) were succesful in defeating a Big 10 side.

The ONEFA College Football Championship is one of the highlights of the Mexican American Football season, and was considered the National Championship from 1933 until recently. There was a single Championship from 1930 to 1981 when it was split into two Championships: Metropolitan (“Big 10”) and National (outside the Metropolitan Area).

The Metropolitan Championship was renamed Big 10 in 1990 and Big 12 in 2004. In 2009 the Colleges agreed to merge the two Conferences into one, with two groups, each with its own Champion. In turn the “Centre” Conference would have two groups A & B each with its own Champion. The Conferences were realigned into “Centre”, “North” and “South”, each with its own Champion.

In 2012 a further restructuring took place, with ONEFA restoring the “Big 8”, mainly with teams from the Centre and the “National” with teams mainly from the North and South. In 2009 the ITESM Tech Colleges left to form their own College Football Organisation: CONADEIP.



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