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GAA World: http://gaa.world – The Gaelic Games in Ireland and around the World, including the Celtic Games of Scottish Shinty, Welsh Baseball, Basque Pelota, Cornish Hurling, Manx Cammag, and British Medieval Football. Handball (Ireland, Europe, North America, World), Poc Fada, Rounders (including British and World Rounders), International Rules (Football, Hurling-Shinty, Handball-Pelota, Rounders-Baseball, Hurlacrosse, Poc Fada Golf)

Eirball National: http://www.eirball.net National Sports: Irish Soccer, Women’s Soccer, Indoor Soccer, World Soccer (including Non-FIFA Soccer), Rugby Union, Hockey and Cricket.

Eirball World: http://www.eirball.world World Sports: Volleyball, Water Polo, Olympic Handball, Australian Rules, Rugby League, Netball, and various World Sports new to Ireland or not yet arrived.

Eirball ORG: http://www.eirball.org Olympic, Racing & Games: Racquet Sports, Target Sports (Golf, Snooker/Pool, Croquet, Bowling, Darts, Archery, Crossbow, Target Shooting), X-Games (Surfing, Orienteering, Mountaineering, Caving, Hang Gliding & Hot Air Ballooning), Olympic Sports (Swimming, Athletics, Winter Sports, Gymnastics, Weightlifting, Fitness & Strength), Power Sports and Racing (Point-to-Point, Harness Racing, Greyhound Racing, Pigeon Racing, Bicycle Sports, Sailing, Rowing & Canoeing, Motorsports (including Stock Car Racing, Motorcycle Racing and Speedboat Racing), Air Racing (including Drone Racing), Games (Card Games, Board Games, Role-Playing Games, Computer Games, Children’s Games, Monopoly, Table Football & Subbuteo), Alternative (Ultimate Frisbee, Quidditch, Roller Derby, Dodgeball, Jugger, Paintball/Woodsball/Airsoft, Laser Tag-Quasar, Capture the Flag).