Oxford Passball Tournament (West Country American Football) 1993


*F-14 Tomcats32105230.667
*Carterton Wildcats32105133.667
Swindon Steelers31204464.333
Newbury Bandits31204969.333
Oxford Passball Tournament Standings 1993 [Ref: compiled from results in 2]


DateHome TeamAway team
29.08.1993F14 Tomcats20Carterton Wildcats13
Oxford Passball Tournament Playoff Results 1993 [Ref: 2]


DateHome TeamAway Team
29.08.1993Carterton Wildcats16Newbury Bandits18
29.08.1993F14 Tomcats22Swindon Steelers6
29.08.1993Carterton Wildcats26Swindon Steelers14
29.08.1993F14 Tomcats29Newbury Bandits15
29.08.1993Swindon Steelers24Newbury Bandits16
29.08.1993Carterton Wildcats9F14 Tomcats1
Oxford Passball Tournament Results 1993 [Ref: 2]


Carterton Wildcats organised a four-team Passball Tournament for teams in the West of England on 29 August 1993 at Carterton Town FC. Teams were Carterton Wildcats, F-14 Tomcats, Swindon Steelers and Newbury Bandits. F14 Tomcats, from Oxford won the Final 20-13 against the Carterton Wildcats after both finished 2-1 (Won-Loss) in the Round-Robin. The Swindon Steelers and Newbury Bandits finished 1-2.

About Passball

Passball was an Arena-style American Football League in England, played on a smaller field than a regular American Football field, and with a focus on passing. Passball is played on a 40-yard field with two 8-yard endzones, with five downs or attempts to score, three of which must be passing plays, before the ball is turned over. Teams are seven-a-side [Ref: 3]


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