Pacific American Football Leagues

Since the 1990s American Football Leagues have been organised in Korea, Australia & New Zealand, with the sport spreading to China, India, Turkey and Arab Countries

Pacific American Football Leagues:

Australian Gridiron Leagues (Overviews):

Gridiron South Australia Seniors 1986-1989

New Zealand | American Football Canterbury (Seasons):


Asian American Football Leagues:

Korea (Overviews):

Korea American Football Association | Kimchi Bowl 1995-2017

China (Overviews):

China Arena Football League 2016-2019

China Arena Football League (Seasons):


Elite Football League of India (Overviews): 

Elite Football league of India 2012

Arab American Football Leagues:

United Arab Emirates (Overviews):

United Arab Emirates | International American Football Matches 2012-2018