Poc Fada

Mentioned in Irish Myth & Legend, where Setanta uses his Hurley to hit the ball from Co. Louth all the way to Armagh where he is due for a feast held by the King of Ulster.

The All-Ireland Final is held in the Cooley Mountains every year to honour Setanta’s journey.

Poc Fada is the Irish version of Golf, and the object of the game is to use a hurley to hit a ball up the side of a mountain and down the other side in as few ‘pucks’ as possible.

Below you will find links to various events in Ireland:

All-Ireland Poc Fada

GAA Poc Fada All-Ireland Championships:

GAA Poc Fada | Hurling Roll of Honour 1961-2017

GAA Poc Fada | All-Ireland Championships | Camogie Roll of Honour 2009-2018

GAA Poc Fada Hurling All-Ireland Championship (Seasons):

1989 1990 1995 2008 2013 2017 2018

GAA Poc Fada Camogie All-Ireland Championship (Seasons):

2013 2017

Connacht Poc Fada

Connacht Poc Fada Camogie (Seasons): 2013

Connacht Poc Fada Senior Hurling (Seasons): 2013

Connacht Poc Fada Boys Under 16 Hurling (Seasons): 2013

Leinster Poc Fada

Leinster Poc Fada Hurling Pairs (Seasons): 2012

Munster Poc Fada

Munster Poc Fada Camogie (Seasons): 2013

Munster Poc Fada Senior Hurling (Seasons): 2012 2013

Munster Poc Fada Under 16 Hurling (Seasons): 2012 2013

Ulster Poc Fada

Ulster Poc Fada Champions (Seasons): 2012