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World Rugby Union

The International Rugby Board organises Rugby Union on a Global basis. There is a Rugby World Cup competed for every four years since 1987 and Professional Leagues in France (Top 14), England (Premiership) and SANZAR (South Africa, New Zealand, Australia – Super XV). In addition there are Developmental Professional Leagues in Japan, Canada and USA and a European Rugby Championship below the 6 Nations.

For more on Ireland’s record, as well as the Celtic Rugby / Pro 14 League and Irish Domestic Rugby please navigate to the “Rugby” Button in the Primary Navigation Bar: Rugby

World Rugby Union

IRB Rugby World Cup; 6 Nations; Autumn Nations Cup

IRB Rugby World Cup

IRB Pacific Zone Qualifying (Editions): 1998-1999

IRB Europe Zone Qualifying(Editions): 1998-1999

IRB Africa Zone Qualifying (Editions): 1998-1999

IRB Americas Zone Qualifying (Editions): 1998-1999

IRB Asia Zone Qualifying (Editions): 1998-1999

World Rugby

IRB Major Rugby Leagues (Season Tables): 2019-20

Picture Credit: Paulo Bona / PARIS, FRANCE-SEPTEMBER 22, 2007: irish and french players with fighting for the ball during the match France vs Ireland, of the Rugby World Cup, in Paris. [Accessed 4 May 2021]

World Lacrosse

World Lacrosse

National Lacrosse League; Pan-American Lacrosse Association

Pan-American Lacrosse Association Women’s World Quaifiers (Editions): 2019

National Lacrosse League (North American Major Indoor League):

Major Indoor Lacrosse League 1987-1990

National Lacrosse League Alterna Cup (Seasons): 2019-20

Picture Credit: [3] Pan-American Lacrosse Associaion (2019) R7D_0422.jpg_0-1024×683 [Internet] Available from:×683.jpg [Accessed 26 November 2020]

World Australian Football

World Australian Football

Australian Football League

17 Irish women played in the Australian Football League Womens in 2020.

Australian Football League Premiership (Seasons): 2019

Australian Football League Womens (Seasons): 2020

PIcture Credit: [4] AFL Ireland (2020) Carlton’s Joanne Doonan [Internet] Available from: [accessed 28 July 2020]

World Water Polo

World Water Polo

Scottish Water Polo

Water Polo was invented in Scotland at the end of the 19th Century.

Scottish Water Polo:

Scottish Water Polo League 2015-Present

Picture Credit: [6] Scotland Water Polo | Twitter (2020) Profile Image [Internet] Available from: [Accessed 7 February 2020]