Proposed American Football League in USSR 1979

In 1979 American Promoter Tom Kelly, proposed to introduce American Football to the USSR, begiinning with a demonstration match involving Professional American teams and following this the creation of a dozen or two dozen teams in the Soviet Union. The State Functionaries, however, did not approve of the plan, and it was not until 1989, with the Glasnost Era, that the first matches were played, with a demonstration match by two College teams, the “Stars” and the “Bummers”. [1]

The first Russian American Football Championship then took place in 1992, however due to insufficent numbers as well as presumably the large distances involved in a National League, it was not until 2002 that it was again played, and has been played since. [2]

Billboard Advertising the first American Football Game in Russia 1989 [Reference: 3]


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