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Quebec Rugby Football Union (Canadian Football) Junior Series 1887-1889

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Third Round (Finals) 1887-1889

05.11.1887Montreal AAA III8Lincoln College Rugby Club4
20.10.1888Britannia III FC5Victoria FC0
26.10.1889McGill University FC III10Montreal AAA III8
Quebec Rugby Football Union Junior Series Third Round 1887-1889 [Ref: 2]


The first Canadian Junior Football League Championships were the ones held in Quebec from 1887 to 1889. Played as a knockout (elimination) tournament over three rounds, the winners were Montreal AAA III (1887), Britannia III FC (1888) and McGill University FC III (1889). in 1990 the Quebec Rugby Football Union joined forces with the Ontario Union to run a joint competition.

The Canadian Junior Football League has been running Amateur Province-based Championships since 1887, under various names (Canadian Rugby Union, Canadian Junior Football League). In Canada Gridiron Football was known as Rugby until the Canadian Football League split away from the Canadian Rugby Union in 1958 to form its own Professional League and adopt more American Football Rules. The sport has been known as Canadian Football since. (For more on Canadian Football history see: Canadian Football Leagues



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