Queens Football League (Netherlands) Queens Bowl 2017-Present

Queens Football League Logo [Reference: 1]
Queens Football League Logo [Reference: 1]

Queen Bowls

Queens Bowl
18.12.2017IAmsterdam Cats42Rotterdam Ravens13
12.12.2018IIAmsterdam Catsw/oFlevo Foxesscr.
15.12.2019IIIMoenchengladbach Wolfpack18Amsterdam Cats0
5v5 Queens Bowl
15.12.2019IRotterdam Ravens32O’30 Wolverines8
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The Queens Football League is the first Women’s American Football League ever in the Netherlands. First played in 2017 between the Amsterdam Cats and Rotterdam Ravens, the Cats have won it twice, with Moenchengladbach Wolfpack of Germany triumphant in Queens Bowl III. For the first three seasons the League was a single game: the Queens Bowl, with a 5v5 Queens Bowl added in 2019, won by Rotterdam Ravens. For the 2020 it was planned to have a three-team, six-game league followed by Queens Bowl IV, but was cancelled after one game due to COVID-19 restrictions. [References: 2-6]

Amsterdam Cats players during Queen Bowl I in 2017 [Reference: 7]
Amsterdam Cats players during Queen Bowl I in 2017 [Reference: 7][Photo Credit: Christopher Pugmire / Brute foto]

Videos (Queen Bowl 2019)

[Reference: 6]



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Social Media

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