Rugby League Ireland | All Ireland Championships 2012


League Table

Leinster Championship       
*Athboy Longhorns650122610210
Portarlington Wolverines64112801349
Dublin City Exiles63122901527
Clondalkin Crusaders ##62041842222
West Dublin Bears6015623921
Tallaght Tigers ####601556246-3
Munster Championship       
*Country Cowboys87102447415
Treaty City Titans860226213212
Cork Bulls84131881829
West Coast Warriors71061241542
Galway Tribesmen7007603360
Ulster Championship       
*Fermanagh Redskins65012568810
Ballynahinch Rabbitohs64021441068
Belfast Bulldogs43102321387
Strangford Sharks52031461084
Maiden City Broncos320198684
Antrim Eels51221641924
Ballynahinch Bunnies51131322143
Portadown Pumas6006963540
North Coast Boomers0000000


Playoff Results

DateHome Team Away Team 
 All-Ireland Playoff   
04.08.12Ballynahinch Rabbitohs52Athboy Longhorns22
 All-Ireland Grand Final   
18.08.12Country Cowboys28Ballynahinch Rabbitohs24


Regular Season Results


DateHome Team Away Team 
 Week 1   
13.06.12West Dublin Bears10Clondalkin Crusaders48
16.06.12Tallaght Tigers0Portarlington Wolverines18
16.06.12Athboy Longhorns50Dublin City Exiles20
 Week 3   
30.06.12Clondalkin Crusaders24Dublin City Exiles44
30.06.12West Dublin Bears0Athboy Longhorns78
 Week 5   
14.07.12Athboy Longhorns18Clondalkin Crusaders0 #
14.07.12Dublin City Exiles84West Dublin Bears6
 Week 7   
28.07.12Clondalkin Crusaders62West Dublin Bears28



DateHome Team Away Team 
 Week 1   
16.06.12Treaty City Titans68Galway Tribesmen6
 Week 2   
23.06.12West Coast Warriors32Cork Bulls36
23.06.12Galway Tribesmen0 #Country Cowboys18
 Week 3   
30.06.12West Coast Warriors24Treaty City Titans30
30.06.12Galway Tribesmen16Cork Bulls46
 Week 5   
10.07.12Country Cowboys28Treaty City Titans12
14.07.12Cork Bulls18Country Cowboys18
 Week 6   
21.07.12Cork Bulls18West Coast Warriors0 #
21.07.12Country Cowboys64Galway Tribesmen8
 Week 7   
28.07.12Treaty City Titans18Cork Bulls0 #
28.07.12West Coast Warriors0 #Country Cowboys18
 Week 8   
04.08.12Country Cowboys18Treaty City Titans10



DateHome Team Away Team 
 Week 1   
16.06.12Maiden City Broncos32Portadown Pumas20
16.06.12Ballynahinch Rabbitohs18Strangford Sharks0 #
 Week 3   
30.06.12Belfast Bulldogs64Ballynahinch Rabbitohs36
30.06.12Portadown Pumas0Fermanagh Redskins66
 Week 4   
07.07.12Strangford Sharks0 #Antrim Eels18
 Week 5   
14.07.12Ballynahinch Rabbitohs42Fermanagh Redskins30
14.07.12Belfast Bulldogs18Maiden City Broncos0 #
14.07.12Antrim Eels66Strangford Sharks24


Points System: 2 Pts Win / 1 Pt Draw / 0 Pts Loss / 0 Pts Forfeit (#0-30) /

Tie-Breaker: Tied Teams separated by Points Difference (PF – PA) /

Playoff Qualification: x – Qualify for ROI Semi-Finals / y – Qualify for ROI Quarter-Finals / z – Qualify for Ulster Final


TeamHome Venue




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