Sao Paulo Football League Diamond Series 2019

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Final Standings

Conference B
*Rio Preta Weilers541014728.800
*Sao Paulo Storm541012440.800
*Junidiai Ocelots541011152.800
Lerne Lizards523011093.400
Piricicaba Cane Cutters51406397.200
ABC Corsarios All Blacks50500245.000
Conferencia N
*Corinthians Steamrollers5500132141.000
*Santos Tsunami54106840.800
*Limeira Tomahawk53207846.600
Sao Paulo Monsters52306975.400
Sao Paulo Spartans51405177.200
Ponte Preta Gorilas505028174.000
Sao Paulo Football League Diamond Series Final Standings 2019 [Ref: 2]

Note: *Qualify for Playoffs.


DateHome TeamAway Team
Playoffs Round 1
16.06.2019Jundiai Ocelots22Limeira Tomahawk 6
16.06.2019Santos Tsunami0Sao Paulo Storm21
29.06.2019Rio Preta Weilers35Jundiai Ocelots13
30.06.2019Corinthians Steamrollers12Sao Paulo Storm0
14.07.2019Corinthians Steamrollers0Rio Preta Weilers35
Sao Paulo Football League Diamond Series Playoffs 2019 [Ref: 2]

Regular Season Results

DateHome Team Away Team
Week 1
17.03.2019Lerne Lizardsw/oABC Corsarios All Blacksscr
17.03.2019Rio Preta Weliers21Jundiai Ocelots13
17.03.2019Sao Paulo Storm18Piracicaba Cane Cutters6
Week 2
23.03.2019Ponte Preta Gorilas0Santos Tsunami27
23.03.2019Corinthians Steamrollers13Limeira Tomahawk0
23.03.2019Sao Paulo Spartans3Sao Paulo Monsters6
Week 3
31.03.2019Sao Paulo Stormw/oABC Corsarios All Blacksscr
31.03.2019Rio Preta Weilers38Lerne Lizards6
31.03.2019Jundiai Ocelots7Piracicaba Cane Cutters6
Week 4
07.04.2019Corinthians Steamrollers24Sao Paulo Spartans0
07.04.2019Limeira Tomahawk6Santos Tsunami7
07.04.2019Ponte Preta Gorilas6Sao Paulo Monsters29
Week 5
14.04.2019Rio Preta Weilers7Sao Paulo Storm9
14.04.2019Piracicaba Cane Cutters45ABC Corsarios All Blacks0 #
14.04.2019Jundiai Ocelots22Lerne Lizards8
Week 6
27.04.2019Corinthians Steamrollers51Ponte Preta Gorilas0
28.04.2019Santos Tsunami22Sao Paulo Monsters7
28.04.2019Limeira Tomahawk20Sao Paulo Spartans6
Week 7
05.05.2019Rio Preta Weilers32Piracicaba Cane Cutters0
05.05.2019Lerne Lizards7Sao Paulo Storm31
05.05.2019Jundiai Ocelots45ABC Corsarios All Blacks0 #
Week 8
19.05.2019Corinthians Steamrollers20Santos Tsunami0
19.05.2019Limeira Tomahawk20Sao Paulo Monsters13
19.05.2019Sao Paulo Spartans35Ponte Preta Gorilas15
Week 9
26.05.2019Jundiai Ocelots20Sao Paulo Storm17
26.05.2019Rio Preta Weilers45ABC Corsarios All Blacks0 #
26.05.2019Lerne Lizards40Piracicaba Cane Cutters2
Week 10
02.06.2019Corinthians Steamrollers24Sao Paulo Monsters14
02.06.2019Sao Paulo Spartans7Santos Tsunami12
02.06.2019Limeira Tomahawk32Ponte Preta Gorilas7
Sao Paulo Football League Diamond Series Regular Season Results 2019 [Ref: 2]


Rio Preta Weilers won the 12-team Sao Paulo Football League (American Football) Diamond Series (Top Division) by defeating Corinthians Steamrollers 35-0 in the Final.

The State Leagues (Estaduais) are the Fourth Level in Brazilian American Football which are organised as follows: 1. Brasil Futebol Americano; 2. Brasil Futebol Americano 2; 3. Regional Leagues (Regionais). 4. State Leagues (Estaduais)



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