Shorts Redwings Irish Ice Hockey Team 1950-1951


Irish Ice Hockey Association Team 1950-51

Home Ice: King’s Hall, Balmoral, Belfast

Colours: Unknown

All-Time Record: Total (Wins-Losses-Ties): 2-1-3 Regular Season 2-1-3

History: Formed by workers at Shorts, which had sponsored teams during the Second World War, the Shorts Redwings were one of the “Original Seven” Ice Hockey Teams in Ireland, competing in the Irish Ice Hockey League in 1950-51, where they won two matches, tied three and lost only one.

Home Ice: King’s Hall, Balmoral, Belfast

Year-by-Year Record

YearLeagueRS W-L-TPts / PosPS W-L-TChampOther W-L-TChamp
1950-51IIHA2-1-37 / 2nd0-0-0None?-?-??
Shorts Redwings Irish Ice Hockey Team 1950-1951 [References: 1-9]

Results Irish Ice Hockey League 1950-51

131.10.1950ANorth End RacersL8-9
210.11.1950AHarlandic WolvesL2-11
417.11.1950ABalmoral WaspsL2-5
521.11.1950HNorth End RacersW12-3
628.11.1950HHarlandic WolvesW7-2
803.02.1951ABalmoral WaspsT2-2
Shorts Redwings Irish Ice Hockey Team 1950-1951 [References: 1-9]




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Thanks to Malachy & Liz Connolly, Belfast.

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