SIFL Southern Indoor Football League 2011

SIFL Logo 2011 [References: 4 ]

Final Standings

SIFL Eastern Conference Northeast Division 2011


SIFL Eastern Conference Mid-Atlantic Division 2011


SIFL Eastern Conference Southern Division 2011


SIFL Western Conference Gulf Coast Division 2011


SIFL Western Conference Southwest Division 2011


Standings taken from SIFL website on Wayback Machine. For Official Standings please visit SIFL website on Wayback Machine at [References: 3] *Qualify For Playoffs

Playoff Schedule

SIFL Southern Indoor Football League Playoffs 2011

Match Day Playoffs Opening Round
(Playoffs Opening Round)
68 - 43

Albany Panthers vs Erie Explosion

(Playoffs Opening Round)
59 - 20

Louisiana Swashbucklers vs Corpus Christi Hammerheads

(Playoffs Opening Round)
62 - 60

Columbus Lions vs Trenton Steel

(Playoffs Opening Round)
65 - 52

Houston Stallions vs Rio Grande Valley Magic

Match Day Eastern Conference Championship Game
(Eastern Conference Championship Game)
61 - 75

Columbus Lions vs Albany Panthers

Match Day Western Conference Championship Game
(Western Conference Championship Game)
56 - 41

Louisiana Swashbucklers vs Houston Stallions

Match Day 2011 SIFL Championship Game
(2011 SIFL Championship Game)
69 - 48

Albany Panthers vs Louisiana Swashbucklers

Schedule Compiled from reports in [References 1-3]


Louisiana Swashbucklers failed at the final hurdle for the second straight year in their quest to add a fourth Championship Title in team history. Albany Panthers won 69-48 before an attendance of 7,843 in Albany [References: 3]. Albany were 24-27 behind at halftime but successfully contained the Bucs offense for the duration of the second half, outscoring their opponents 41-13 in the second period [References: 3].

It was Louisiana’s fifth straight appearance in a title game [References: 3]. The first two appearances were in the Intense Football League in 2007 and 2008 which they won [References: 3]. They then appeared in both the 2009 and 2010 Southern Indoor Football League Championship games, winning the SIFL title in 2009 [Reference: 3], but losing 13-68 to Columbus Lions in the 2010 Championship Game. [References: 2]

It was Albany’s first appearance in a Championship Game and they won by defeating both the 2009 SIFL Champions (Columbus Lions) and 2009 SIFL Champions (Louisiana Swashbucklers) in the Playoffs. [References: 2-3]

About the SIFL 2011

The 2011 season was the third, and last, season of the Southern Indoor Football League. The season featured 16 teams, aligned in five divisions accross the Southern States of USA and up into Pennsylvania in the Northeast. For 2012 the SIFL merged with American Indoor Football Association to form American Indoor Football. The SIFL was an Arena Indoor Football League – 8v8 American Football played Indoors on a converted Ice Hockey rink with 50 yard field and two 8 yard endzones. Teams have five downs (attempts) in which to score (three of which must be passing plays) before the ball is turned over.


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Logo References

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