Slovak Football League 2017


Žilina Warriors65101745610
Bratislava Monarchs4400173188
Trnava Bulldogs431087226
Nitra Knights6240561594
Zvolen Patriots6150531972
Cassovia Steelers6150441352
Slovak Football League 2017 [Reference: 2]


DateHome TeamAway Team
Week 1
19.03.2017Bratislava Monarchs16Trnava Bulldogs6
Week 2
25.03.2017Zvolen Patriots0Trnava Bulldogs53
Week 3
01.04.2017Žilina Warriors45Nitra Knights0
02.04.2017Zvolen Patriots34Cassovia Steelers8
Week 4
08.04.2017Cassovia Steelers6Nitra Knights20
Week 5
23.04.2017Zvolen Patriots6Bratislava Monarchs44
Week 6
29.04.2017Cassovia Steelers0Trnava Bulldogs15
30.04.2017Zvolen Patriots0Žilina Warriors44
Week 7
06.05.2017Cassovia Steelers0Žilina Warriors40
Week 8
14.05.2017Bratislava Monarchs63Nitra Knights6
Week 9
20.05.2017Žilina Warriors0Bratislava Monarchs50
21.05.2017Nitra Knights6Trnava Bulldogs13
Week 10
27.05.2017Cassovia Steelers30Zvolen Patriots7
Week 11
03.06.2017Nitra Knights6Žilina Warriors26
Week 12
10.06.2017Žilina Warriors19Cassovia Warriors0
11.06.2017Nitra Knights18Zvolen Patriots6
Week 13
25.06.2017Žilina Warriors21Nitra Knights18
25.06.2017Bratislava Monarchs55Trnava Bulldogs0
Week 14
09.07.2017Žilina Warriors12Bratislava Monarchs59
Slovak Football League Results 2017 [Reference: 2]


Bratislava Monarchs won the Slovak Football league (American Foootball) with a perfect 4-0 record in 2017, defeating Žilina Warriors 59-12 in the deciding game on 9 July. Six teams entered the League, with Nitra Knights, Zvolen Patriots, Trnava Bulldogs and Cassovia Steelers the other teams. The Bratislava and Nitra teams play in a higher level in the Czech League, and also play a reduced schedule of matches in the Slovak Football League.



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