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Finals 1990-2019

IBSA Cup Championship
1995Dodder DynamoesL
IBSA 6:4 Cup
1997Oddsox Red11Dodder Dynamoes10
1998Oddsox Red8Marlay Martyrs A7
1999Dodder Dynamoes11Oddsox Blue6
2000Los Banditos13Batpak12
2001Dodder Dynamoes
2002Oddsox Green6Dodder Dynamoes4
2003Dodder Dynamoes
SI Cup
2004Dodder Dynamoes19Loan Homers Barney5
2006Dodder Dynamoes
[Reference: 9-16]


The Irish Baseball and Softball Association Championship became the IBSA Cup Championship in 1995, and in 1997 was again renamed the IBSA 6:4 Cup (after the number of Males:Females in the teams). From 1997 to 1998 it was won by Oddsox Red, and the following year in 1999 it became the IBSF Cup with the renaming of the Federation. In 2002 another renaming of the association saw it become the ISA Cup and then in 2004 the Softball Ireland Cup.

Dodder Dynamoes won it every second year from 1999 to 2006 inclusive, and in the intervening years the Champions were Los Banditos (2000), Oddsox Green (2002), and BatPak (2005 and 2007). in 2008 the SI Cup was renamed the Brian Walshe Cup after a former National Team and Oddsox pitcher who died tragically young.

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Thanks to Colum Lavery (Marlay Martyrs & Softball Ireland President), Aidan Halpin (Argonotts & Thirsty Camels), Karey Ellen Coughlin (TNT) and Marlay Martyrs & Mustangs (2016-2019)

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