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Finals 1996-2018

Galway Blitz
1996Marlay MartyrsDodder Dynamoes
1997BatPak11Marlay Martyrs10 (8i)
1998WarpakMarlay Martyrs
1999Oddsox Megamix9Marlay Martyrs7
2000Dodder DynamoesOddsox Megamix Sharks
2001Saints Stingers (GB)
2002Dodder DynamoesSaints (GB)
2003Oddsox GreenDodder Dynamoes
2004London Breakers (GB)1BSUK (GB)0
2006Stingers (GB)BatPak
2007BatPakOddsox Green
2008Stingers (GB)BatPak
2009Stingers (GB)Oddsox Green
2010Stingers (GB)Marlay Martyrs
2011Originals (Limerick)Dodder Dynamoes
2012Originals (Limerick)Stingers (GB)
2013Dodder DynamoesOriginals (Limerick)
2014Dodder DynamoesOriginals (Limerick)
20152Pac10Originals (Limerick)9
2016Dodder Dynamoes12Marlay Martyrs5
2017TNT7Marlay Martyrs4
2019Dodder Dynamoes13Sons of Pitches4
Irish Open Softball Trophy Finals [Reference: 1-13]


Note: All teams Dublin and Ireland unless stated


2003-2007University of Limerick
2008University of Ulster
2009-2010Cork IT
2011-2016University of Limerick
2017Carlow IT




The Irish Open Softball Tournament is a weekend-long tournament, usually staged in the University of Limerick, which is open to all Irish Softball teams and, on occasion, invited British teams.[10] It was Previously known as the Galway Blitz [Reference: 12 – Past Seasons – 1999 – Blitzes]


The Marlay Martyrs and Batpak were the top teams in the 1990s, Marlay winning IOST in 1996 and runners-up to Oddsox Megamix in 1999. Batpak would win two finals, in 1998 and 1999 (as Warpak).[10]


The 2000s were domintated by British teams, as they won six finals from 2001-2010. The decade started with Dodder Dynamoes defeating Oddsox Megamix before the first of the British wins by Saints Stingers. Dodder Dynamoes would again be the winners the following year, beating holders Saints. Oddsox would get their revenge over Dodder for their 2000 defeat with a victory in 2003. The following year was an all-British final with London Breakers defeating BSUK by an unbelieveable score of 1-0 [6]. A duel lating the rest of the decade between Batpak and the Stingers from Great Britain then followed. Batpak made four appearances in the final in-a-row, winning in 2005 and 2007, whilst the Stingers would win four finals in five years (2006, 2008-2010).[10]


The 2010s would be notable for the duel between Dodder Dynamoes and Limerick Originals, and the re-appearance of Marlay Martyrs in the Final. Limerick Originals won the first two of five Final appearances from 2011-2015, on home turf in Limerick. Dodder Dynamoes would get revenge for their 2011 loss to Limerick, defeating them in the 2013 and 2014 finals [10]. They would also win the 2016 final against Marlay Martyrs [8]. 2Pac won the 2015 final [7], and TNT defeated Marlay in the 2017 final.[9] Dodder reached two Finals in the last two IOST’s of the decade, losing in 2018 to Originals and winning the 2019 Final 13-4 against Sons of Pitches

Dodder Dynamoes – IOST Champions 2019 [Reference: 14]




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Thanks to Belfast Sliders and Friends. IOST 2016, Marlay Softball Club IOST 2017-2018, Jonathan Spielberg (Renegades) & Brian Ebbs (Oddsox).

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